How to save files directly to your phone’s memory card

Some people choose to use a microSD in the phone to save space in the device’s internal storage. Sometimes what can be confusing is how to automatically save files to the memory card. The following tutorial explains how to do it and can be used on various Android smartphones such as Samsung, LG, Sony, among others.

By default, Android devices save files directly to your device, which can leave you with no space, depending on your phone and the amount of things you usually keep. So come on.

Saving photos just taken directly to the memory card

1. Open the camera app on your phone;

2. Locate the gear icon on the screen and tap it;

3. Search for and select an option for “Storage location” (the name may vary depending on the model of your phone);

4. When touching this option, a small window will give you the options “Device Storage” or “SD Card“. Select the second.

Transferring files from the phone’s storage to the memory card

There are some applications to manage files that are already on the phone, and transfer them to other places. In this tutorial, we’ll use “Google Files”.

1. Download and install Google Files;

2. With the app open, slide the screen until you find the “Move files to SD card“;

3. Now you will see all the files that are currently in the internal storage of your smartphone and can be transferred to the memory card;

4. Select “All items” or choose, individually, which ones to transfer;

5. After selecting the files, tap “Move to SD card“, then confirm.

Ready! With these tips it is easier to manage how much space you have in your phone’s memory and transfer files to the microSD card if needed.

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