Crash Team Racing for PS4: when it comes out, news and trailer

Crash Team Racing for PlayStation 4 has been announced: all the news, such as online mode, and the official release date for the expected HD remake.

Crash Team Racing for PS4 is reality: the release of the long-awaited remastered remake by the fans was announced during the 2018 Game Awards, confirming the return of the beloved marsupial on four wheels.

Crash Bandicoot returns once again thanks to the Activision team, which has already unearthed the original PlayStation games with the N’Sane Trilogy (available for PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Steam). The game, which traces the structure of Mario Kart and the like, became a classic in 1999, made famous by its tracks and by the beloved characters (at the time developed by Naughty Dog ).

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled (also known as CTR) will be available, initially, only for PlayStation 4 and will be released on June 21st 2019.

Crash Team Racing Remastered: on PS4 with online

Many news shown in the very short trailer: after a nostalgic incipit showing the old three-dimensional and polygonal graphics, Crash Team Racing shows itself in its new high-definition version with completely redesigned tracks, landscapes and characters.

As was the case for the previous remakes, it is easy to see how the game of Activision will recover in all respects the structure of its predecessor: the new HD will be built on the old game dynamics, most likely keeping power ups and tricks of the version of ’99, taking care of a graphic restyling that could be captivating for new players and nostalgic for those who have already had the opportunity to whiz on the tracks of Crash Team Racing.

The trailer also shows an online mode that will challenge players to rockets and explosions in every part of the world, adding new potential to a title that is a powerful candidate to become one of the most anticipated of next year. With an ever closer PlayStation 5, it is clear that the intention of the developers and Sony is to keep PS4 alive for a long time.

The game will have an initial release only for PlayStation 4, but it is clear that in the immediate future we will also see the version for Xbox and Switch, as it was for the previous titles. Ready to whiz through the explosive nitro to win the victory?

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