See likes again on Instagram (Web and Google Chrome)

The Instagram hide likes – claiming it did so because of our mental health, but we already know that perhaps there is another reason – and certainly you want to come back to see this number in your profile or the profile of the accounts that you still follow.

There are a few ways to do this, in the Instagram app for iOS (iPhone) and Android and also in the Web version. See how to see likes on Instagram again.

How to see likes again on Instagram (Web and Google Chrome)

How to get back to likes on Instagram

To see the number of likes on the posts themselves, just log in and visit your own profile. Touching any photo and “other people” will see the total likes.

But, when you want to see the amount of likes from other profiles (which you follow or not), you will need the tips below. If one doesn’t work, try using the others.

Using Instagram via browser

Either on your smartphone or on your computer, if you use Instagram for the Web the chances of being able to see the total number of likes in each photo are great. In some countries, the resource still works. But, it is also not guaranteed. OK? Scroll down and see more tips.

  1. Open a browser and go to;
  2. Enter your username and password (or Facebook);
  3. Test with any photo, from any profile;
  4. Probably, the number of likes will be in the same place as always.

If you are using a computer, when visiting the profile pages (not in the feed) and hovering over the post, the number of likes will appear on the screen.

Still can’t see the likes on Instagram?

In the United States, there are reports that neither the Web version has shown likes in the posts you liked, posted or viewed, nor by touching the like icon.

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t see the likes of an Instagram account, you can try using the Socialinsider extension for Google Chrome, which reveals the total likes of all photos on Instagram and the count of comments on the social network.

Called “The Return of the Likes“, it reveals the number of likes and comments in the upper right corner of posts on the Instagram website (in the Web version). The look of the page changes slightly, but it solves the problem.

You probably will not change your habits and start using Instagram only on the computer. However, when viewing a photo or video, you can send the permanent link to yourself and open it in your computer’s browser. In this case, only in Chrome.

There are other apps and extensions that promise to do the same. However, be careful when installing third-party apps and, especially, providing your login and password on those apps. The above plugin does not require login and acts only on Instagram data.