How to sell your photos online and earn decent money

Taking good pictures today is a very simple operation if you have the necessary tools and the skills to do it. A top-of-the-range smartphone is also enough. In this guide today we will explain how to sell photos online through some services if you had captured shots that you think could bring revenue.

How to sell your photos online and earn decent money

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How to sell photos online on Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is one of the most famous services to buy photos that can be used with the Creative Cloud suite software(and more). The company known platform also allows you to sell obtaining gains with royalty of 33% for photos and 35% for video. Payments, instead, occur through PayPal once the 50 dollars in royalty have been reached.

The use of Adobe Stock takes place very simply. First of all, you need to click on the Sell button at the top right of the home page of the site and log in to your personal account. In case you did not have it, simply click on Register and follow the instructions to create one.

At the first access to the platform, Adobe Stock asks you if you are a Fotolia author. This is a microstock service that was purchased by Adobe a few years ago before the birth of its platform.

After choosing the correct option, you can proceed to upload the image you wish to sell by clicking on Browse or dragging the files into the Drag and drop files area. Conclude the operation by carefully following the proposed steps.

How to sell photos online on iStockPhoto

Another great website for selling photos on the Internet is iStockPhoto. Let’s talk about a service set up by GettyImages (a very famous company worldwide) that allows you to earn 15% on the sale of each shot and even up to 45% for exclusive contributors. Payment takes place only if the minimum of $100 and the following month is reached.

The steps to take to start selling photos online on iStockPhoto are very simple and can also be done by the official application available for both Android and iOS. First of all, connect to the service web page and press the Apply button. In the following page, fill in the proposed fields, accept the conditions of use of the service and click on Continue after verifying that you are not a robot.

On the page that opens, you can proceed to upload a maximum of 15 photos at a time by simply pressing on the + placed next to PhotoYou can upload up to 15 photos. At the end of the upload of the shots, enter the various required information (eg title and description ) for all the photos and click on Submit request to submit the request. You will receive an e-mail from GettyImages within 30 working days.

How to sell photos online on Shutterstock

Another excellent solution to sell photos online is Shutterstock. This is a well-known Web portal in the microstock field which allows you to sell your photos with starting prices of 21 cents each.

Payment takes place at the end of each month without reaching a minimum threshold compared to the sites seen a short while ago. In addition to being accessible through a simple browser, in addition, Shutterstock is available as an application for Android and iOS.

To sell your favorite photos on the platform, simply connect to the official web page, click on the Get started button and register for the service by filling in the fields provided. Once registration is complete, you should receive an e-mail message containing a link to complete the activation. After clicking, enter the address and mobile number on the web page that opens in the browser and complete the procedure.

At this point, you can upload your favorite images to the platform by clicking on the Upload images button. You can only upload files in JPEG format and with a minimum size of 4 mega-pixels.

After uploading one or more photos on Shutterstock, press the Next button located at the bottom right and then Start adding details to add various information on the photos you are uploading. In this case, be careful to choose the right keywords to describe the image as they will have a key role in visibility on the online service. Once you click on the Save and Submit buttons, you’ll have to wait for a response from the Shutterstock team that will review the content.

How to sell photos online: alternatives

In addition to the 3 online services seen recently, you can take advantage of other resources on the Internet to sell their shots. Find the complete list below.

Final Words

Finally, I hope you have some information about where to sell your images online to earn some passive income. If you are from the photography industry and need some guide that helps you learn all about stock photos and places where photographers are selling their images, you can check out Pixpa’s article on How To Sell Stock Photos.

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