4 ways to download and use Microsoft Office for free

The Microsoft Office is one of the best and most complete office suites on the market, but not everyone can or wants to pay to use it. Luckily, you can download and use the software for free, albeit with some limitations.

In this guide, we explain how to download and use Office for Free, through each of the available methods.

How to directly download and/or use Microsoft Office

There are three ways to download and use Office today in a totally free way: through Office Online, by accessing a trial version of Office 365 or Office Mobile on Android and iOS (iPhone) devices.

The following explains each method.

1. With Office Online

This is the most practical version of all. The Office Online allows the user to work normally on your desktop or mobile device using a Microsoft account and storing Word, Excel and PowerPoint directly on onedrive.

Although this option has some restrictions, for those who just want to create documents, edit worksheets or prepare presentations, it is more than enough.

2. With a trial version of Office 365

Office 365, the subscription version of the suite can be used for free, but the offer is not made by Microsoft. As a rule, the software can only be used by those who acquire a valid license, but companies can close deals and offer free evaluations on their own.

To get access to an Office 365 trial period, do a Google search for “Office 365 free trial.” The results will return websites of companies, or individuals offering free access to the software for 30 days, and at the end of this, you will need to purchase a subscription to continue using it.

3. With Office Mobile

For those who prefer to work on phones or tablets, Office Mobile ( iOS/iPhoneAndroid ) is a very complete tool. With it, the user will have access to all the main features of the desktop versions, being able to work with keyboard or touch interface. The suite is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and does not place many restrictions on free users.

Office 365 subscribers have access to extra functions, such as: inserting section breaks, enabling layout columns, customizing styles, inserting and modifying graphics, and so on, but can create and edit documents normally.

This does not apply, however, to iPad Pro product line owners: these devices can not create or edit documents in the free mode, and therefore, to use Office on these devices, it is mandatory to sign Office 365.

4. With a new Windows computer (pre-installed)

Many Windows notebooks leave the factory with Microsoft Office preinstalled, most often a temporary trial version. With it, the user can use all the features of the suite for as long as the demo allows, but at the end of the term, to continue using it, it will have to either acquire a license, or use one of the above methods.

So, it is up to the user what method best suits him to download and use Office for free.

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