Often use Whatsapp to communicate with your friends but also for work, you often exchange messages with important data or simply want it to be the right person to read the files you send?

In this article we will find out how to send encrypted files on WhatsApp with Android thanks to the Decrypto application, which has a double utility, allows you to encrypt messages and files but also to read those you receive by decrypting them in a few steps.

Decrypto is an application rich in cryptography and decryption tools, there are various codes such as Cesar, ASCII, Numeral, Il Morse, Roman, Binary and many others.

You have received an encrypted message but do not know the type of encryption used, the application can decrypt the text and allow it to be read, in fact, the application starts a series of tests of the different types of ciphers available and displays all possible results.

You can also save the encrypted messages and view them later or share them with your friends using the share keys, but let’s see how it works and how you can encrypt a file.

After launching the application, a window and a menu are shown in which you can read all the available tools: Encrypt and Decrypt allow to encrypt messages, Encrypt files and Decrypt files, to do the same but with files, Decrypt Code Unknown, is a Premium feature that allows you to discover the encryption of a message whose code was not found among those available, while Codes List shows all the types of Codes available with the degree of security.

To encrypt a file click on Encrypt file, choose the code to use, then select the file from the directory and click on Encrypt which appears in orange in the middle of the screen.

At this point you can save the file click on Save at the top of the screen or share it directly on WhatsApp thanks to the Share button.

Same procedure if you want to send an encrypted message, but in this case you have to click on Encrypt, choose the type of code, write the message and save it, it will appear in Menu> Messages, just click on Share and then on Encrypted Message and choose the contact Whatsapp to send it to, the latter will receive the message code as a chosen code, you can read it only using the application to decrypt it.


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