FAX is now in not in use but with modern smartphones you must know that you can also send them for free and easily using the right apps for Android and iOS

How to send Free FAX with Android and iOS Smartphone

With the FAX now fallen by the wayside, in favor of FAX server or PEC (Certified Electronic Mail), more and more companies are adopting new systems but many others do not really want to adapt to new technologies and it may always be necessary to send a FAX the old way.

Today we are going to see how to send FAX for free on Android and also how to send FAX for free on iOS and iPhone.

Using the right apps for the various operating systems we can send FAX for free or at a small cost simply using our smartphone.

Here are the apps for Android and iOS.

Applications to send FAX for free on Android

Snapfax – Snap to Fax  LINK )

It is perhaps the most used, the first free submission and then with the support of 69 countries in the world, prices for sending FAX with prices from about $1.99 according to the destination of sending the FAX.

Easy Fax – Send Fax from Phone ( LINK )

More expensive than the previous one, between $0.25 and $0.50, you open the app, select the document to be sent that you must have already scanned or photographed and then enter the FAX phone number to be sent.

PC-FAX.com FreeFax ( LINK )

The last is for those who send many FAXs because it has monthly subscriptions from 2.5 dollars to 12 dollars a month by choosing based on pages sent or in blocks.


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