Often, due to various commitments such as school or work, it may be necessary to keep your smartphone in silent mode. Unfortunately, however, this can cause problems; for example, it may happen to receive calls and not realize it. Fortunately, those who own an iPhone can overcome this problem by using a special feature made available by Apple: the LED flash for alerts.

Put LED flashing on iPhone

The flash that flashes when you receive a call on iPhone is a function designed by Apple for people with hearing problems, but you can safely use to remedy the problem explained above.

  1. The first thing to do is go to “Settings“, then “General”.
  2. At this point you have to press on “Accessibility” and go to the “Hearing” section.
  3. Once this is done, just select “LED flash for alerts” and move the switch to ON.
  4. As soon as you turn on the switch, another option will appear, “Flashes with Silent“, which you can activate in order to flash the LED flash when you have your device in silent mode.

Manage LED notifications

After performing the various steps that we have shown you, you will have set the Flash LED not only for calls, but also for notifications of messages and apps. To manage these notifications you will have to do some other small step and finally you will have finished!
Go to “Settings“, then click on “Notifications“.

Now you can select the app you are interested in and next to the “Sounds” you can move the switch to OFF, in this way the Flash LED will not be active for that particular app, but only for apps with the respective switch on.


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