How to find and open safes in Red Dead Redemption 2

One of the ways to make money in Red Dead Redemption II is to find and open safes on the map. Unfortunately, save a few in stores in the cities (and very well protected), finding these safes will depend on your luck in passing by some stranger, who is stealing or trying to open one of them. So it’s always good to be prepared. See how.

The best way, and with less margin of error, to open a safe is exploding with dynamite. There are some ways to get the explosive:

  • After finishing the mission “The Spines of America”, then unlock the store of the Receiver (Fence). You can buy dynamite with it;
  • In weapons and ammunition stores;
  • At its camp, but it must have been improved to the maximum extent possible.

Other items that can also be used

Although not as effective as dynamite, anyone who prefers a not so flashy and noisy approach can try throwing knives or hatchets. It is also possible to buy these items in the “black market” of the game, that is, in the Fence.

And how to use these items?


1. Approach the safe and press the button that appears to plant the dynamite;

2. Move to a safe distance, and press triangle (PS4) or Y (Xbox One) to detonate the explosive;

3. Collect your reward.

Shoot and hatchet knives:

Maybe you will need more than one item each. Look in the lock and hopefully you’ll be able to open without too much stress.

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