How to change clothes on Red Dead Redemption 2

If you’re playing RDRII you may have realized that wearing the right outfit can prevent your character from suffering from extreme heat or cold, for example. In addition, it is possible to hunt and customize your own outfits. If you prefer something more “fashionable”, you can also buy what to wear. That said, see how to get clothes in Red Dead Redemption II.

Where to buy clothes in RDRII

Some cities sell complete costumes and/or pieces of clothing and accessories. The most complete of these shops is in Saint Denis. You can identify this Tailoring by noting a coat icon on the map of this city, which is the largest in the game.

Otherwise, other places also sell clothes. Just go to the general stores of the following cities to find costumes. See the list below for more details.

Tip: You can buy the pieces of clothing separately, and put together your own custom “look”. Some costumes, with special attributes for cold and/or heat resistance, will already be in your chest since the beginning of the game. You can wear them any way you want.

Costume Name – Where to find it – Weather

  • The Chevalier – Rhodes General Store – Hot and Warm
  • The Corson – Rhodes General Store, Saint Denis Tailor, Strawberry General Store, Valentine General Store, Wallace Station General Store – Hot and Warm
  • The Earl – Rhodes General Store – Hot and Warm
  • The Gambler – Rhodes General Store – Hot and Warm
  • The Heartlands – Rhodes General Store – Hot and Warm
  • The Bretagne – Saint Denis Tailor – Hot and Warm
  • The Deauville – Saint Denis Tailor – Hot and Warm
  • The Saint Denis – Saint Denis Tailor – Hot and Warm

To purchase special costumes (or separate pieces) in the Trapper’s tent, there is one in the town of Saint Denis, it is necessary to both hunt the legendary animals on the map, as well as other common animals, but extracting skins in perfect state.

Sell these skins to him (identified on the map with a feline paw icon) and you will unlock special outfits, which have extra attributes – as well as simply protect you from the cold or heat.

To be more likely to get perfect leathers, try to shoot down your target with as few attempts as possible. The tip is to try to use the lasso, to immobilize the animal, and then kill it with the knife or use the bow and arrow. Use the scope, in slow motion, and look at some vital point for a “clean death” without damaging the skin.

Avoid firearms for hunting (unless your life depends on it or if it is a legendary animal). No one will want to pay you too much for a skin like a sieve.

How to buy clothes in RDRII

If you have money and simply want to buy a new outfit without having to hunt, visit one of the game stores (listed above) and follow the steps below.

1. Go to the vendor, at the counter, and press the button to view the catalog. You can rob him too if you want;

2. Look for some costume or piece of clothing (or accessory) that pleases you and press the button to visualize the change (View), before buying;

3. Select the style and/or color of the item, and then press the Buy button.

Depending on the seller, there will be more or less options for purchase. Filter your search in the catalog summary, if you want any specific item.

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