How to sell horses in Red Dead Redemption II

There are several different ways to get money in Red Dead Redemption II. Among stealing, completing missions, selling items (often stolen as well) or animal skins, you can also sell horses. To do this, simply take the animal to some of the stables scattered around the map. Here’s how to do it.

It is good to make clear that the value you will get per horse varies by rarity and also by the “origin” of the animal. Stable owners will pay less if the source of the animal appears suspicious, ie if it is stolen or wild. You can make more money by selling one that is already yours.

In online mode, at least for now, it is still not possible to sell horses that have been stolen or are wild. You can only do business with one that already belongs to you.

How to sell horses in Red Dead Redemption II

1. Take the animal you intend to sell to a stable. Search for horseshoe-shaped icons on the map. You can find them in cities or nearby;

2. As soon as you enter the stable, some options will appear on the screen. Choose the option “Manage Owned Horses” and choose which animal to sell;

3. If the horse is not officially yours (stolen or wild), simply enter the stable to show a basic preview of the race’s attributes. From this screen, select the “Sell” option.

Tip: Upon arriving in Chapter 3, one of the main quests will show you a more profitable way to sell stolen and wild horses. Remembering also that it is possible to buy new horses in the stables, as well as provisions for your animal.

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