How to duel in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption II would not be a real western game if there were not the famous duels, where it won (and survived) who was the fastest of the trigger. It is not possible, however, to duel the hour you want, but there are specific missions and situations in which it will be necessary to show all your dexterity with the revolver. So, see how to duel in Red Dead Redemption II.

Duels, as mentioned above, are events that can happen randomly on the map (usually when attempting to intervene in a fight or checking points of interest) or achieved through missions.

If there is a chance to duel, at random, know that it is not necessarily obliged that you kill the other person. If you want to gain positive honor points, look into the challenger’s hand and just disarm him.

Keep in mind that in Red Dead Redemption II, the more you honor (read, the less trouble you cause visibly) the better you will be seen in the cities and even get rebates in stores and stables.

Where to find the secondary mission of duels

1. You need to start the optional “Gunslingers” mission. It will be available from Chapter 2, after you are in the new camp (when leaving the mountains);

2. If you have not already gone, go to Valentine’s City and enter the smaller Saloon of the place (there are two there);

3. Talk to a stranger, named Theodore Levin, who is at the bar table to receive the mission;

4. This quest will take some time, since you will have to hunt down some veteran gunmen in different regions. The location of each of them will be marked on the map:

  • Flaco Hernandez – Northwest of the map
  • Emmet Granger – South West map, close to Flatneck Station
  • Billy Midnight – Near Emmet Granger
  • Black Belle – Casebre on Bluewater Marsh
  • Slim Grant – Sheriff’s Office in Annesburg (the latter is only unlocked after the “A Fine Night of Debauchery” mission in Chapter 4)

5. As part of the mission, after killing (or entering into an agreement with whoever is willing to talk to you) your target, you will have to take a picture of the still alive body or gunslinger to prove that you have found it. Levin himself will give you the camera.

How to duel in Red Dead Redemption II

After the situations in which the duels can happen, here we come in the main part: how to do to a duel.

It is good to remember that, as it should have happened then (in real life), you will not have much time to think as soon as the duel begins. Be quick and precise.

1. Slowly press the button to remove your revolver (R2 or LT);

2. In this way, you will enter “slow-motion” mode and your “Dead Eye” will be activated;

3. After aiming at the opponent, finish pushing the fire button and good luck!

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