Set Spotify as a smartphone alarm

Setting the Spotify songs as an alarm clock is now possible in a fast way with the new update of the Google Clock app. Here’s how to always wake up with your favorite music.

It often happens to hear songs on Spotify and want to set them as an alarm clock, or even want to choose a different track every morning to find the charge and face the day.

The latest update of Google Clock allows you to use Spotify as an alarm ring quickly and without complications.

Set a Spotify song as an alarm clock

Google Clock is an app installed by default on most Android devices, but if it is not on the smartphone can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. Besides offering the classic services available on all the apps of this kind, it allows the pairing with Wear OS devices, in order to have the predefined alarms also on the smartwatch.

The latest Google Clock update can connect to your Spotify account to allow you to set any song on the platform as an alarm clock. It is currently undergoing rollout but according to Google’s statements it will arrive in a few days on all devices.

To proceed with the modification of the alarm you must check that you have logged in to Spotify, then open Google Clock and set a new alarm or change an existing one:

  • By clicking the down arrow next to the affected alarm clock
  • On the ringtone selection page, tap the Spotify tab
  • Choose music by tapping on the title

Who can use Spotify as an alarm clock

This feature is available for both Premium users of Spotify and those using the service for free. The latter can choose from the recently listened tracks or playlists and may hear announcements during playback, while the former can also search for and select specific songs.

Once installed the music streaming app the new feature can be used on all devices with Google Clock updated from July 30, 2018 onwards that have Android 5.0 Lollipop or later versions.

Google has already confirmed that users who will be able to access this service will increase, as soon the new feature will also be available for YouTube Music.

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