WhatsApp finally released the group video calls. Here’s how to make calls and video calls with three or more people on WhatsApp: WhatsApp group video call

Group calls and video calls on WhatsApp available today: here’s how to do them

WhatsApp: released the update to make group audio and video calls. Here are all the details. 

New day, new article dedicated to WhatsApp, the famous instant messaging app used by millions of people all over the world.

Today we will see:

  • how to do group video calling with WhatsApp
  • How to make WhatsApp group video call
  • how to make a group video call with WhatsApp
  • how do you do the group video call on WhatsApp
  • how to make a video call to three WhatsApp

If you are interested in these topics, continue reading the article. We will explain everything in a precise and detailed way!

After a long wait, in fact,  WhatsApp finally releases the group video calls for all users. 

From today we can therefore make both audio and video calls directly in groups. But only with 3 other people for the moment.

The group video calls on WhatsApp are finally a reality

The group video calls on WhatsApp were one of those functions long awaited: we had known for months that sooner or later they would arrive but, finally, today they are realities for everyone.

It took some time for the company to add this functionality, especially considering that the app has been supporting individual video calls for almost two years now.

But finally, even this new function has been released.

So let’s see how to make the most of it on Android and iOS.

How to make group video call on WhatsApp

As anticipated, WhatsApp has just updated its messaging service and now also supports group video calls, allowing us to finally chat with up to three other people simultaneously on its iOS and Android apps.

From today we can therefore make the three-way video call on WhatsApp in an easy and fast way.

Let’s see how!

To use the new function you will need:

  • Open WhatsApp from the app drawer menu
  • Go to the call tab at the top right
  • Click on the video call at the bottom right
  • Call the first participant
  • Select additional participants from the icon in the upper right corner

Its use is very simple.

According to the same WhatsApp, group video calls are also subject to end-to-end encryption, just like standard chat messages.

Three-way video call on WhatsApp

As anticipated, at the moment calls and group video calls on WhatsApp are limited to a maximum of 4 participants: 3 people besides you. 

Limiting calls to only 4 people, at least for the moment, will naturally mean that users can not use the service with large groups of friends or family groups.

This is a narrower limit of iOS’s FaceTime, which now allows videochat up to 32 people simultaneously.

Maybe in the future we can make calls and group video calls with more than 3-4 people on WhatsApp, but for now we have to submit to this limit. 

I do not have calls and group video calls on WhatsApp

The new feature, which seems to have been activated in the last hours through a server-side update, but at the moment only a few users have the function already activated.

If you still can not make calls and group video calls on WhatsApp and you do not see this new feature, try updating your app for Android or iOS. 

  • WhatsApp  | Android  | Google Play Store, Free
  • WhatsApp  | iOS  | iTunes App Store, Free

Also try to close and reopen WhatsApp.

Finally try to restart the smartphone or switch from 3G/4G to WiFi.

If you still do not have calls and group video calls on WhatsApp, try to be patient: in a few hours/day the function will be available for you too.


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