How to find the first and last name of a WhatsApp contact that spies on us. Is it possible to know who is spying on WhatsApp? Name, Surname, Mail and Facebook profile of a WhatsApp contact using the Profile Tracker for WhatsApp app

Does Profile Tracker for WhatsApp work to find out everything about a WhatsApp contact?

In recent days, many have asked me if there is an application to spy on a WhatsApp contact and know who has seen my status so as to unmask the spy users who always have on others.

Searching on the net, however, I found several applications, and many with negative comments but Profile Tracker for WhatsApp was the application for Android that had higher ratings and apparently with an operation assured, and I decided to try the app and see how it is.

Profile Tracker for WhatsApp works?

Profile Tracker for WhatsApp in the description on the Play Store, claims to discover all the details of the contacts that control our profile and see the status of WhatsApp.

In addition we can know all the details of the contact including the profile picture even if the contact that spies us is not included in the list of our contacts.

Since by default it is impossible to monitor the privacy on WhatsApp this app tries to control every aspect of the contacts that spy on us and control but it does so roughly and without any precise data.

Every analysis made with the app returns a different data and therefore the app does not work.


In conclusion, although Profile Tracker for WhatsApp has 4 stars out of 5 on the Play Store, the app does not work at all, with random results every time it is launched.


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