How to share the printer via WiFi with tablet, PC, smartphone

Did you just just buy a printer after reading a guide on best sublimation printer or printer for your home/office on internet? And now, are you looking for way to use or share same WiFi printer with many pc or android device? Let’s see how to do it using Google Cloud Print in simple steps.

How to share the printer via WiFi with tablet, PC, smartphone

What is Google Cloud Print? Cloud Print is a free service from Google that connects all the devices on the network (tablet, PC, smartphone) to the same printer via wireless as long as they use the same Google account. However, you can also use the printer for those who use a different account if you authorize it.

Before you continue reading this guide, you must already have a Google account and have Google Cloud Print configured on your account.

Share the printer with another specific user

Open Google Chrome and enter your Google account.

Go to the Cloud Print section ( click here ).

Then click on the Printers item on the left side menu.

Now select the printer on the network you want to share with another user.

Then click on the Share button at the top.

Enter the email address of the person to be authorized to use the printer.

It must be the email address associated with your Google account.
Does your friend have a Google account? To share the same printer on Cloud Print the other person must use a personal Google account (eg Gmail). If you don’t have one, you can register it for free on Google.

Then click on Share below.

You have authorized the person to use the WiFi printer.
Can I authorize everyone? Yes, you can also authorize all users to use the printer, without having to indicate specific individual users. In this case, select the printer then click on Edit and choose the option All users who received the link can access the printer and click on the Save button.

At this point the person you authorized receives your invitation on Gmail.

Click on the Add Printer link in the email.

Then click on Accept to add the printer.

Now the person can use your WiFi printer.

He sees it appear on the screen in the Printer section of Cloud Print.

If the person is using a PC with a Windows operating system, he can already print something.

What if the person is using Android?

If the other user is using a mobile device with the Android operating system, he must install Google Cloud Print.

You can download the application for free on PlayStore.

Then go to Settings and select Print.
Is there no Print? If you don’t see the Print entry under Setting, the version of the so is probably old. In this case you can try directly to print something.

Now move the switch to the upper right to ON to activate Cloud Print.

How to print from Android?

To print something from Android share the document.

Then select Google Cloud Print as a printer.

Then click on the network printer you want to use.

In a few seconds the document goes to print.

If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends.

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