7 Signs that Your Startup Needs Growth Marketing

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Signs that Your Startup Needs Growth Marketing

In this competitive business world, marketing is essential for businesses to grow and reach people. With thousands of businesses starting daily, startups struggle the most to succeed.

With the latest technologies and trends, marketing strategies need to evolve for businesses to remain relevant. 

New marketing methods, strategies, or tactics are coming into play with alarming frequency. You have to keep abreast of such methods and trends to make your business grow. 

Growth marketing is one of the many methods in marketing that helps tremendously. It can significantly impact your startup’s goals, brand recognition, revenues, profits, and so on. Thus, you should know about the signs that suggest your startup needs growth marketing. 

What is Growth Marketing?

Marketing mainly focuses on generating leads and sales and getting new customers. Growth marketing goes beyond that. It works to have long-term value for marketing as well as customers. 

Simply put, growth marketing takes traditional marketing and adds more layers to it for greater outcomes.

Growth marketing works to further improve the existing marketing strategies. While most marketing methods are about applying new techniques to increase ROI, growth marketing uses data to give you a better competitive edge. In that sense, growth marketing helps to build new marketing strategies or modify the existing ones.

It is one of the most relevant marketing strategies for start-ups because growth is of the essence to secure funding and survive in the market. A renowned and competent growth marketing agency can help start-ups enormously in this area. 

7 Signs that Your Startup Needs Growth Marketing

We will now share some of the major signs that indicate that your startup needs growth marketing. Once you notice these signs, you can take the necessary steps to improve your business’ marketing efforts. 

  1.  When You Have No Prior Marketing Experience

Most founders of startups do not have any prior knowledge of marketing. They might know about their product, but marketing it is a whole different thing. 

Moreover, in the initial stages of a startup company, it is extremely challenging to have your own marketing team as well.

When you have established a company and do not have a marketing team or do not know what to do, it is time to hire professionals. 

Growth marketing can help you have a loyal customer base from the very beginning of your journey. Eventually, it will pay off by bringing in huge sales and profit for your start-up. 

  1.  When You Fail to Set Goals for Your Startup

It is a warning sign when, as a startup owner, you have no designated goals in your organization. You need to set goals in order to move forward and grow your business successfully. 

However, oftentimes, this task becomes overwhelming for the founders or managers.

Setting goals needs to be done by analyzing existing information and finding the best path for future success. 

If you are confused about how you can set goals and accomplish them, you almost certainly need growth marketing. Growth marketing analyzes existing data and points you in the direction of the best decision for the future. Therefore, you can find new goals to move ahead.

  1.  When You Cannot Find the Right Audience

Understanding your audience is incredibly important for you to grow your business. If you do not understand your audience, their requirements, how to reach them, and how to find them – your business might start to slow down. The quicker you understand your audience, the better for your company.

You might have to understand the demographic, geographic location, interests, preferred channels, online behaviors, etc. of your target customer group. You can get all this information using growth marketing. 

Growth marketing gives you thorough information regarding your audience and helps you connect with them. You can also use your audiences’ feedback, and customize your strategies based on the analytics from growth marketing.

  1.  When Your Traffic Has Come to a Halt

If you notice that traffic to your website has reached a point growth is slow or completely non-existent, you might want to hire a growth marketer. 

Growth marketing can help you overcome such a situation. For instance, there could be two probable scenarios. 

Firstly, with the help of growth marketing, you can analyze whether your growth has stopped in a particular channel. Whether there is more to do in that channel to drive traffic or not. If yes, then you can proceed to grow traffic in new ways.

Secondly, if the traffic has halted for a particular channel, growth marketing can help you discover new channels. Based on those, a growth marketer can implement strategies, induct you into new channels, speed up your traffic, and give you a better avenue to reach your target audience. 

  1.  When Your Ads Are Not Getting Enough ROI

Ads surely increase brand awareness or exposure. However, that does not always guarantee conversion. Growth marketing focuses on increasing conversion rate rather than increasing brand awareness. 

As new start-up founders, many assume that, if people see their ads, they will become potential customers. It is not about how many people saw the ad but how many people clicked on the ad to discover further. 

Growth marketing points out that there are more things that need to be done in order to increase leads and track lead sources better. 

  1.  When You Run Out of Strategies to Try

To scale up your business and products, you need growth marketing. There could be times when you might run out of marketing strategies. This becomes more challenging when you are about to launch a new product but do not know how to reach the appropriate audience.

Growth marketing finds the appropriate market and how you can reach that market most effectively. It introduces you to the ways in which you can engage your target audience with your brand or the new product.

  1.  When Your Team Is Falling Short of Expectations

With the expansion of different channels and platforms, your marketing also needs to expand. Before that, you need to understand how these different channels work, whether they are suitable for your business, characters of different channels and their audiences, different tactics to engage audiences from different channels, etc. 

It could be possible that your startup’s team is not capable enough of this huge responsibility as it takes a lot of effort and time. In that case, hiring a growth marketing expert is the best idea.


Growth marketing dives deep into the marketing funnel. It ensures that all the possible marketing methods are implemented to the optimum potential to provide the best outcomes for your business.

Growth marketing can drastically improve a business and reach its peak. So, if you notice any of the signs we mentioned, then your startup needs growth marketing and you should initiate the process to implement it immediately.

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