5 WebSites to Encrypt PDF Online with a Password

If you are looking for sites to encrypt online PDF with a password, you’ve come to the right place: today, we’ll list the best platforms to protect your PDF files by adding valuable unlockable protection only with a certain security word. In the absence of this, no one will ever be able to open your PDF files or be able to decode them correctly: therefore you will have the certainty of hiding the original content stored in your documents. Among other things, these websites have several options for cryptography, and in some cases, levels for permissions.


PDF2go.com is undoubtedly one of the best sites to encrypt PDF with a password online: this portal, in fact, allows you to encrypt them in batches, which means that it is much more beneficial than others. You can encrypt everything online, or do it via cloud servers like Google Drive or Dropbox: you do not understand if there is a limit in terms of size, but we have not encountered any problems. How does it work? Once you’ve added PDF files, you can set your security password and allow other things like copying, editing, or printing, depending on the permissions granted.


Locklizard provides a more secure approach to PDF protection by using public key technology instead of passwords.  There are no passwords for users to enter so they cannot be cracked or shared.  Locklizard stops unauthorized access, sharing and distribution of PDF files using AES 256-bit encryption, DRM, licensing controls and device locking.  Stop editing, copying of content and screen grabs, stop printing and lock use to locations (e.g. specific countries or an office).  Control when PDFs expire, revoke access anytime, dynamically watermark content and log use.  Locklizard is simple to use and ensures PDF files remain protected no matter where they reside.


If you need more options for encrypting PDFs, we recommend that you try PDFZorro: a site that allows you to upload files from the canonical cloud servers, and set a whole range of options for encrypting PDF documents. For example, among the various permissions, this portal prevents you from printing, editing contents, copying or extracting files. Among other things, PDFZorro does not even allow the rotation, the compilation of any fields or the inclusion of additional pages. Definitely, one of the best sites to encrypt online PDF with a password.


Another of the best sites that allow you to encode a PDF is PDFdu.com: a platform with a very simple and immediate-to-use interface. For file encryption, the site provides several passwords with different levels of security: such as the one with total unlock for the owner, or the one for the common user, which disables operations such as copying content, editing and printing of the document. Since this is a simple tool, you may not find some options present in the others: not bad, because the cryptographic functions are still of excellent value.


Conversion-tool.com is one of the most useful options that you will find in our list of the best sites to encrypt PDF: this because it has some encoding options that make it practical and very reliable. You can also add files to protect with Dropbox or Google Drive, along with OneDrive. The maximum size limit is 100 MB for PDF, which is a lot. In addition, the platform allows you to customize the encryption levels, choosing between values such as 40, 256 or 128. For the rest, you can enable or disable items such as printing, extracting multimedia files, editing and Note.


Also Sejda.com contains many interesting options to encrypt a PDF file directly online: for example, it gives you the ability to import a password based on the various permissions you want to grant or not. Among the operations that you can protect from the intervention of others we find the rotation of the document, printing in high resolution, file changes, insertion or deletion of pages. Even in this case you can customize the encryption bits on an AES or RC4 basis: this means that the level of protection is higher than many other similar websites. In other words, you are sure to rely on one of the best sites to encrypt PDF online with a password.

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