Enable screen sharing on Skype: an option that is still a mystery to be solved for many. Here’s how to do it.

Skype is one of the most popular platforms for calling and video calling for free. The Microsoft program has become an important resource especially in the workplace, to do remote interviews, meetings with colleagues and conference calls. Precisely for this it becomes useful to know how to share the screen in a call or video call.

The screen sharing on Skype is the function that allows you to show our live display and desktop to another contact, in order to share information and rules for the particular use.

We think of a business meeting where it is necessary to show the use of a new function or presentation; or who decides to follow courses or repetitions remotely; or, again, to those who simply must explain the use of Skype to their parents. Various functions and uses for a fundamental option that many still can not exploit, let’s see together how to do it.

How to share screen on Skype

Activating screen sharing on Skype is easier than we think. Here’s how to do it in a few simple steps:

  • access Skype first, if we do not have it, just download it via this link (Skype is also available for iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets thanks to the dedicated application);
  • once logged in, select the desired contact, or contacts for a group video call, and start the call;
  • in call/video call mode, we touch the “+” sign icon in the call bar, choosing the “Share screen” option (for some operating systems, you may have three dots instead of the + symbol).

There are also other options, depending on our specifications: for example, using more than one screen, we can choose which screen to share; we can choose whether to share the entire screen or just a window by clicking among the various options under “Share the screen”.

To close the sharing, nothing simpler: just click the “Stop sharing” button.

Screen sharing by smartphone

For now, screen sharing is only available for those who use Skype from PC and Mac: you can not use the same function via the apps available for iOS and Android, so you can not currently share the display of your smartphone or tablet. Further updates in this sense are under development and, for now, there are no news.


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