Receiving lots of likes on Instagram is one of the most common goals among users when they share photos, videos and stories. But getting a large number of Likes on posts is not always easy, and unless you have several thousand followers, the likes on your Instagram may be limited. Using the social in the best possible way, to receive more and more little hearts, requires some effort, but there are some little tricks to increase the likes to which each of us, expert or beginner, can resort.

Nothing complicated or paid: it is 10 simple rules to follow to have a guaranteed success and a positive feedback from your account. The more like your posts will receive, the higher the chance of growing exponentially in terms of views and influence will be.

Before starting with our Decalogue, it is necessary to make a premise. Having like on Instagram can be frustrating: keeping an account alive requires a consistency and a certain care of the contents. The first rule is always to post a nice picture. The quality of photography is more a pact with yourself than a guarantee of success: let’s see how to get more like on Instagram.

How to have more like on Instagram

1. Post regularly

Instagram can be a diary of your life, where you can post photos or short moments of your day. To receive like guaranteed on Instagram, a fundamental rule is constancy.

Posting on a regular basis, at least once a week, is a great way to keep your account alive and avoid the follower’s escape. Profiles that randomly post their contents, with dozens of days between one post and the next, are likely to make users believe that it is not worthwhile to be followed.

Attention, even posting too much can backfire: post too many photos a day, or in a week, can be counterproductive, leaving little breath to the contents (even very good) that do not have so much opportunity to show off. The best solution is to find a middle ground.

2. Do not overdo the filters

For many people Instagram filters are the true essence of the social: present since the dawn of the application, the filters have been updated and multiplied over time, always guaranteeing that extra touch to your shots.

Applying them is extremely simple, perhaps even too much: the temptation to have a simple touch with a completely different shot for lights and colors can easily be deceived. Many photos for example are perfect as they are, to “natural”, and a filter applied by habit (or frenzy) can distort and ruin a post leading to a few like.

Find your line and apply the filters only when it is necessary and appropriate: in their place, you prefer a cleaner or slightly retouched click through the many features available in the publishing editor. A profile that is presented to the public with shots with too many different filters can disorient and quickly lead to unfollow.

3. Use the right hashtags

The hashtag is a key vehicle for lead your Instagram post to success in no time. But how to use them? Unfortunately it is a very used method and attaching them to a post is not always a guarantee of success.

Be sure to insert trend hashtags on Instagram posts only appropriately: it is useless to convey a successful hashtag, perhaps linked to a TV program, if we are posting a photo of a landscape. Be careful in including popular or trendy hashtags on theme-based content only, associating hashtags in the vain hope that they will generate traffic on posts is an error (you could be flagged as spam).

Another bad habit is actually a very common practice, that is to attach many hashtags immediately after the caption of your post: better to try to include them within the caption itself, or move the carousel further down by separating it from the sentence through spaces and punctuation.

4. Tag other profiles

Whenever you tag another Instagram user in one of your posts, they will be notified. The notice leads the user directly to the post in question, but is not a guarantee of like, especially in the case of profiles that have a large number of followers.

Tagging influencers is not a fair strategy: associate with a tag to your Instagram account post that might show interest in a photo or product.

In this way, the strategy will prove to be a winner, avoiding the Instagram Community to report and ban.

5. Use geolocation

Instagram allows you to geolocate your posts by associating a specific place or location to a photo/video. This method is very useful because it allows you to increase the visits and the views of your content, and therefore the likes, by all the other users who use the search function or cllicking on the location of a particular place.

The important thing is to always ensure that your post is always correctly related to the place described in your content.

6. Make Stories

Since their introduction in the summer of 2016, the popularity of Instagram Stories has risen to the point of bypassing its direct rival (Snapchat). Today the Instagram Stories are a fundamental function and one of the most used by users: creating content for stories will ensure continuous visibility among your followers, with the possibility of a reasonable growth.

The ways to create content are varied, with functions that are always different and up-to-date: we put quality and creativity to you, to arouse greater interest in your profile. The butterfly effect will be to increase the likes of your photos and videos.

7. Do not underestimate the direct Instagram

Instagram Live (or direct Instagram) is one of the most underrated features by users and, paradoxically, one of the most useful to increase likes and followers to your profile.

Go live broadcast with your followers is one of the most effective methods to keep your account active: no matter the topic, the important thing is the interaction with the followers that will join the live.

Of course, using Instagram Live is not a direct guarantee of likes to your posts but it can arouse interest in your profile: going live can mean sending a specific notification to your followers, who will be notified of the live, and find yourself on top of the stories in the home. This may remind some users to come back and visit your profile.

8. Create contest

This is a board applicable to more business users, but it is actually a very simple method that can guarantee a reasonable success for everyone. Creating a contest is a way to engage your followers, with a little imagination and creativity you could receive a truly remarkable return.

Such as? Try to tie a small extraction reward to a post, asking in return for putting like or even better to share your content.

The results may surprise you, but be careful not to overuse this methodology but to apply a regular rate (for example, monthly). Your followers will appreciate by covering your profile of like.

9. Video

Once Instagram was a much thinner platform dedicated exclusively to photos. In recent years, the social network has evolved: today it is possible to share a series of diversified contents, including videos, even very long.

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An option not to be underestimated, sharing video content with your followers in place of static images can guarantee you a good follow-up in terms of likes and a diversification of your profile’s timeline.

If your content is successful, it could also end up in the current trends (as long as your profile is in the public domain and not private): in this way the return in terms of popularity is assured.

10. Be yourself

There is no trick to take: your profile is the way you present yourself to the world. Instagram is today one of the most successful social networks and with the largest number of users, do not pretend to be anything but yourself, sincerity is always a winning weapon and simplicity can often be the key to success.

Today, followers and likes Instagram can turn into a real job (think of the various brands that decide to use profiles with many followers to like their products).

Whether your success is great or local, the important thing is to use Instagram in a carefree and intelligent way, leaving room for fun in what is a pastime of the third millennium.


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