Download and try out the brand new FIFA 19 game for Android

Here’s how to download and try out the brand new FIFA 19 game for Android smartphones and tablets. Check the FIFA 19 APK file in preview

Download FIFA 19 free Android APK

Are you curious to immediately try the brand new FIFA 19 game on your Android device? Can not wait for the official arrival of FIFA 19 on the Android Play Store?

Then you’re in the right place!

Today I’ll explain how to do to download FIFA 19 on compatible smartphones and tablets. 

The FIFA 19 game is already available on the Play Store, but it is a beta version, available only for very few lucky users.


As you can see, however, the official Beta is reserved and can not be downloaded by everyone.

But we have a perfect alternative for you too!

Thanks to the APK file leaked on the web, in fact, you will still be able to download, install and try FIFA 19 on your device ahead of time and without waiting for the game to come out of the beta.

For example, I installed FIFA 19 on my Asus Zenfone 5Z and confirm that everything works perfectly, with no clicks, slowdowns or blocks of any kind.

If you also want to download FIFA 19 on your Android right now, I’ll explain how to do it later.

Download FIFA 19 In Preview For Android: here’s how

First of all you have to download the APK file of the game from here:



The links are alternative, choose the one you prefer.

Now transfer the APK file to your Android smartphone or tablet.

At this point install it with any file manager.

Now you just have to do is start the game and start having fun with FIFA 19.

Simple, is not it?

If you do not know how to install APK files manually on Android, try reading this guide which will surely help you and guide you step by step:

Before closing the article, here is some information about the game. As soon as I can do a video in which I show the operation of FIFA Football: Gameplay on Android.

FIFA Football: Gameplay

Take a look at the new FIFA Mobile game engine. This is your chance to experiment, test and provide feedback to our developers. Your contribution will help us to perfect the game to ensure we can offer the best possible experience in the field and to players all over the world. Since it is a beta version, please note that your progress will not be transferred to the new season and will not contribute to the Ultimate Team of the main game. Below you will find an overview of what you can expect in the beta version. Thank you for your support!

We present a small segment of our next update, which will offer exciting games, a more authentic and realistic graphics and new game modes, all based on our new game engine.

Collided, head to head, in real time with opponents from all over the world. We put our most requested functionality at your disposal, so prepare to challenge yourself and dominate the field!

Play VS Attack, 11 vs. 11 and Live Events to earn elite players for your Ultimate Team. Keep increasing your GEN to conquer the field.

Play electrifying games with VS Attack mode, where you will face exciting challenges for possession against powerful opponents. This innovative level of competition increases the pace of the race: you will be busy winning 90-second games.

Participate in live events, which are reset every eight hours, to earn elite players for your Ultimate Team.

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