How to split a file into several parts with WinZip

It may happen sooner or later that you need to send a file of generous size to a friend or colleague, or that you want to take advantage of the many gigabytes available on the cloud to make backup copies of your files, even the most cumbersome. You will then come to the point of colliding with the limits imposed by free accounts of cloud storage or email services, which usually put a limit between 100 and 250 megabytes to the size of files to send or save. This limit can, however, be bypassed, and to do so you can use WinZip, the program will compress the contents of your file and divide it into several archives, allowing you to upload files after online files and exceed the limit imposed by the service you are using.

To do this you will have WinZIP installed in the meantime, find the installation file from this link, and once downloaded and installed normally you will do already, practically, half of the job.

In fact done this you will have to:

  1. Go to the folder containing the file of your interest and import it to WinZIP, or by creating a new archive by right-clicking on the file and selecting the appropriate program option, or by opening WinZip and importing the file from there (from Open)
  2. Then select Settings from the WinZIP window and from here set the size, ie the size of the parts.
  3. Then from Tools click on Multi-Part Zip File and then start the procedure waiting for it to finish

At the end you will get a series of files smaller than the original, to unzip the file just put all these files in the same folder and start the UnZip of the first file, in sequence WinZip will unzip the other parts and bring back the original file.

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