How to have Spotify Premium for free on iOS and Android

Through some tricks available on both iOS and Android having free Spotify Premium is possible: here is the complete guide on how to proceed.

Spotify is one of the most famous apps used to stream music. The application is available on iOS and Android and can be used for free or paid, without advertising and with the ability to download songs to listen offline, through Spotify Premium.

Spotify Premium is available through various types of subscription, including the family option to divide the payment, at a full cost of 9.99 dollars per month. To have Spotify Premium discount there are several options, such as student, but also some not really legal solutions.

Obtaining a Spotify Premium account for free is possible for both iOS and Android, through two different procedures that violate the conditions of use of the application: cracking Spotify through these methods could lead to some repercussions on your Spotify profile, as the complete elimination of your account (resulting in the loss of songs, albums and saved playlists).

Think about it then, because the tricks (legal) to get around annoying advertising on Spotify exist and work perfectly. If you have decided to save and want to have Spotify Premium for free, or you are simply curious, here is a quick guide on how to do it depending on your device.

Free Spotify Premium on iOS

To get Spotify Premium for free on your iPhone and iPad, just go through a very simple process. The magic word to remember is TutuApp, an internet site that will allow you to install an application that can transform your Spotify account into a Premium account without spending a single penny.

Here’s how to proceed:

  • open Safari or any other browser installed on your iPhone or iPad;
  • search for TutuApp on the search engine and open the corresponding result;
  • click the Download TutuApp button and, once the pop-up appears, click on Install;
  • you will find, once downloaded, the application on your iOS home but to use it you will first have to authorize it (otherwise, trying to open it, you will see an iOS message appear written in the case of an unauthorized internal developer);
  • do not panic, here’s how to authorize the app: go to Settings, General Settings, Device Management, BrightStar Technology, Authorize BrightStar Technology, Authorize;
  • open TutuApp and search in the Spotify search bar: download the app and wait for the installation on your device.

Once downloaded and launched, you can use Spotify Premium for free on your iOS device.

Spotify Premium for free on Android

There is a fully functional way to get Spotify Premium for free on Android too, using the apk extensions.

The procedure compared to iOS is slightly more complicated, but not impossible. Here’s how:

  • download the modified apk for Spotify from this link;
  • from Settings go to Security and enable the Unknown Sources option;
  • to open the Spotify apk file you will need ES File Explorer, downloadable from the Play Store;
  • open the folder containing the Spotify apk file and install it.

You can use Spotify Premium for free either way with your account or with a specially created one. Warning: remember that you can not log in via Facebook with these versions, so if your previously created account was created by combining it with the social network you will have to log in using your credentials.

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