Star Wars: Battlefront II Gets Content from Skywalker Ascension

Star Wars: Skywalker Ascension hits theaters this week, and as a result Star Wars: Battlefront II will receive a special update starting tomorrow (17). Inspired by the new feature film of the saga, the title gets a lot of news.

For example, the avatars of heroes Rey and Finn and sith Kylo Ren will look like the next movie. In addition, over 125 new appearances of Resistance and First Order soldiers will be added to the game, including jet-packed troopers.

Part of this news was revealed in an impressive trailer that shows the rebels fighting the First Order in one of the unpublished Skywalker Ascension scenarios. In the end, we still have Rey and Kylo Ren’s date.

To avoid Star Wars: The Skywalker Rise spoilers, more content will come to play just after the movie premieres. On December 20th, a new update will bring the scenery seen in the trailer and more unpublished appearances.

Through the official Battlefront II website, Electronic Arts has also revealed that more news is slated for release in January 2020. For example, Android BB-8 will be a playable character and players will be able to explore the planet Jakku using ships like the Resistance MC85 and the First Order Star Destroyer.

New ships and planets arrive at Star WarsNew ships and planets arrive at Star Wars: Battlefront II in January 2020. (Source:

Celebration Edition

In addition to celebrating the premiere of the new movie, the news of Star Wars: Battlefront II celebrates the two years of the game’s release. That’s why, since December 5th, Celebration Edition has been available for PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC consoles.

The special edition features the complete collection of all free game content, making it a great addition for new players. Meanwhile, fans who already own the title can purchase new content at a special discount.

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