How to start playing Clash of Clans

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Ok here we are. You have downloaded the game, installed it and logged in. And now? How to start playing clash of clans

First of all, if you have not already done so, run to read the tutorial. I know, it seems trivial, but I know many people who snub the tutorials, with the excuse that they are trivial and then cry because they can not complete a level or beat that difficulty. The tutorial is FUNDAMENTAL! But first some small tips before leaving with the guide on how to start playing Clash of Clans

First: there is no need to spend Gems! It is not mandatory to speed up buildings or to get resources or to start the next construction! The choice is yours if you want to wait holding the gems, or if you spend them as the tutorial says. However, I advise you not to do it. Second: it is not necessary to distribute all the wizards: two are sufficient if you place them near the cannon. Well now that you know these things follow me in the next steps and let’s see how to start playing Clash of Clans at best: we start to do the tutorial!

The Clash of Clans Tutorial

As soon as you start the game you will find a pretty frightened village woman who will tell you her name and inform you that the goblins are attacking you (it’s a bit like you know a new girl in a club and immediately tells you that everything is going in focus!).

This will officially start the tutorial (if you do not know what a tutorial looks here ), in which the girl sudetta will show you how to put on your first defense against the goblins, that is: the cannon. Follow the instructions and put it next to the town hall, because it is the most important building of the game, or rather the heart of the village. This structure is the key, you will have to try to defend it to the fullest!

The goblins are very weak at first and will soon be cannon fodder. As soon as the attack is over, an inhabitant will explain to you that the village is built on a “ley line” which means that if you suffer an attack and destroy you all the buildings will cure themselves when you return to the game. Cool, no?

After this wonderful news, the villager will give you another one: the magicians of the neighboring villages want to help you to destroy the goblins. Ready for the first assault?

Place the wizards next to the cannon that, as soon as they are destroyed, will worry that the entire enemy village will be destroyed. Remember that troops are not controllable at the time of release in the battlefield. They will move in a predetermined way.

Once the attack is over, you will return to the village and you will be ready for the next step. You will have to build the first elixir and gold storages:

  • The elixir will help you build and upgrade all the buildings that affect the army, such as barracks, military camps and spell factory
  • Gold will help you to improve your town hall and improve all your defensive buildings like walls, cannons and mortar.

As I told you before, I advise you to wait to build the buildings right away, and not to use the green gems. The gems allow you to cancel waiting times, replace gold or elixir to improve the buildings and allow you to buy more masons. So you can understand the crucial importance of these gems: use them with caution!

Also, at the beginning you have only one bricklayer and you can develop one thing at a time. The IMPORTANT advice, at this stage is to invest the initial gems for the purchase of a second mason. Unfortunately, to buy the next ones, you will have to use real money to buy the necessary gems.

There are other ways to earn some extra gems, such as completing targets and removing natural obstacles from the village, even if the booty is not very high. At this point the resident will tell you that you have to improve the town hall on level 2, and the tutorial will end. Well, congratulations, you have just passed the first step on how to start playing Clash of Clans at best. Go on!

Here’s how to start playing Clash of clans seriously!

Finished the tutorial? well, now you will ask, “and now? How to start playing Clash of Clans seriously? “Ok now we are here. Just give me a moment of your company and read further.

What you will need to do in the next 48 hours:

Here we are at the heart of the question on how to start playing clash of clans and give the best.

First of all, update the resource collection structures (Gold Mines, Elixir Extractors) and the storage of the latter (Elixir Storage, Gold Storage). Make sure you have built them all, and when you are able, try to upgrade the Town Hall.

Remember that you will have to update both the Elixir extractor and the Gold Mining from the lowest to the highest level, but you will not yet have to build defenses, such as walls, traps, etc., because they are not needed at the moment. If you have activated, you will have in fact a shield of 3 days (“what is this? You did not tell me that in this guide on how to start playing Clash of Clans, talk about things too complicated!” You are thinking that. Don’t worry we’ll talk later! Now you just know that you can not be attacked until it runs out).

To find out how much time is left of the shield cover, all you have to do is check the indicator on the upper halfway side, on the right side of your screen. Consider that you can disable it at any time by pressing “Attack”, but at the moment, I advise against it. First you will have to do other things!

At this point, do not build a second gold mine and a second Elixir extractor. Wait up! You’ll have to wait a week of play to do it.

What you need to do between 48 and 72 hours of play:

After the first phase, here’s what you’ll need to do in the next few hours to figure out how to start playing Clash of Clans in earnest!

Most likely, and if you have followed the guide up to now, you will have about 24 hours of autonomy left of your shield. Well it’s time to build, manage and upgrade your defenses!

Follow me carefully: now you will have to build these structures with the following order of priority

  1. Mortar
  2. Towers of the Archers
  3. Cannon

Consider that in these activities, you will have to build and upgrade your Archer’s Tower at level 2 BEFORE you have the opportunity to upgrade the cannons to level 2. So the procedure is simple: build the Tower of Agri, and the cannons. After that, if you want to take the cannons to level 2, you will first have to bring the Archer’s tower to level 2. Clear, no? 😉. Finally, I leave you the choice to defend the base with some Walls. I’m not really a priority, but if you advance resources why not?

At this point, we put pen to paper on this guide on how to start playing Clash of Clans, things DO and Not to DO at this stage.

To do:

  • Update the Gold Mine and Elixir Extractor to a high level. Consider that level 5 is a good goal at this stage of the game, but it all depends on whether you are more or less active.
  • Update the Eliris Storage and the Golden Storage, as an optional goal. This activity is not fundamental but certainly helps to have a reserve of resources that in the long run help you to be stronger. Then attack the goblins in Single Player Campaign, because you will get good resources without too much effort.

Not to do:

  • DO NOT build a second Eliris Storage and a second Golden Storage. You will only lose the precious time that comes from covering the shield. Remember? You still have the shield, so you can not be attacked!
  • Another thing NOT to do is attack other players in Multiplayer. Are not you ready yet, what have you put in your mind?😉 if you attack someone at this stage you will prematurely drain your precious shield.
  • DO NOT spend the gems right away! I got it? Do not be in a hurry and keep it.

Serbale yes, but for what? Well we’ll see it in the next guides. For the time being you survived the first 72 hours of play, managing your structures, your defenses and your resources. Does it seem cheap?

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