Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Connection Error, how to solve

Today we will talk about a serious problem that afflicts the new game Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, connection error, how to solve. Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery for some days is available for free download, it is a role-playing game for iOS and Android.


The game is currently plagued by errors that are forcing wannabe wizards to lose their progress. Here’s what to do if you’re faced with a connection error in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery  Connection Error

Since there are no official words from the developers of Jam City, it is not clear how long the downtime will last or whether the error will occur regularly.

Users report Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery connection errors that last between 30 minutes and an hour. Fundamentally, this “lost” time will not be counted to recharge your energy, which is nothing short of frustrating.

If this connection error Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is very annoying, contact the developers at [email protected] is the best thing to do.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery  Connection Error: How to solve

Alternatively, there is a very simple solution that will prevent you from cursing.

A user of Reddit samovolockha has discovered that the connection error can be resolved somehow by constantly pressing the button on the closing popup of the connection error message until it goes away.

So we did not solve the problem permanently, but at least we can play until we see Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Connection Error appear again. It’s always better than nothing.

Traditional solutions, such as uninstalling and reinstalling the game, do not seem to work right now.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Connection error: will this reset my progress?

Unfortunately, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery  (and his annoying watch) keeps ticking despite this connection error. This means that if you are studying in a classroom or doing some other activity, your character will waste his precious time … as if he had done nothing.

In addition, your progress will not be “counted”, so the best thing if the game continues to show you connection error is to wait for the problems to be solved. Keep an eye on the official Twitter account of the game the problem was marked on April 21, sooner or later the fix will be released.

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