cheats for Super Smash Bros : Here’s how to unlock all characters

How to unlock all Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters? Here are the tricks to have all the wrestlers fighters dedicated to the Nintendo characters, available for Switch.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch has arrived: with a dizzying sales record, the big N’s All Star brawler is ready to excite players from all over the world with 74 playable characters. But what are the tricks to unlock all the fighters?

Initially unfortunately Super Smash Bros Ultimate does not allow you to use all the characters, which will be unlocked during the game: starting the game for Switch for the first time we can count only on 8 characters (Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox and Pikachu).

This is a very specific choice by Nintendo, which paid tribute to the original Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 64: unlock all the remaining characters is possible, thanks to some tricks that will allow you to speed up this process.

How to unlock Super Smash Bros characters for Switch

To unlock new characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate there are three options:

  • The first is through the World of Light single-player story mode, through the use of Kirby (the only survivor of the killing of characters in history). Continuing on the map, you can free the characters from their darkness and at the same time receive the corresponding wrestlers in the main mode. This is the only option if you are trying to unlock a specific character, so you can choose the fighter we favored to challenge and add to the selection of characters.
  • Alternatively, you can unlock characters randomly playing the classic mode: each match will challenge you with a new casual fighter who, once beaten, can join the playable characters in the rest of the game.
  • The third and final official method is playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate in general. This option is activated by playing the game in any mode, even in multiplayer, and is a way of Nintendo to thank players who spend their time with the title: randomly an opponent will appear, and once beaten the character will be available between selectable within the game.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: the trick to unlock characters quickly

The last mode proposed is the one that interests us to unlock the characters of Super Smash Bros Ultimate quickly: every 10 minutes of game spent with the brawler Nintendo will lead to a casual meeting to challenge a new character and add it to the selection fighters once wrought. This means having to wait around 12/13 hours of play before completing the character roster.

In fact, there is a method to speed up this process and start challenging friends and players online by counting all 74 Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters.

One of the main problems of this way of unlocking the characters is the actual playing time: the 10 minutes are counted during the fights, not including the time spent in the game within the option, the home or customization of a possible wrestler. In other words, it is not enough to give up the joy-con and wait for the wrestlers to arrive.

However, there is a trick to get around this option. After facing the first ten minutes of play, the first random fighter ready to challenge you will make his appearance. The outcome of the fight is not important, that you manage to win or not complete the match and do not face other battles.

Close the game and restart it: in the settings you will have to create a custom game going to set a single life for the characters, so as to conclude the meetings and win as quickly as possible. Once the fight is over, a new opponent will appear without having to complete the actual 10 minutes of gameplay.

In this way, after an hour or a maximum of two you will have the full rooster of the usable characters: obviously excluding the World of Light story mode, where different rules are required to use the wrestlers. Ready to select your favorite Nintendo character?

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