Fortnite: swords coming up with season 7

Fortnite is preparing to change forever by introducing the swords inside the battle royale shooter: the Epic Games announcement.

The world of Fortnite, the popular game developed by Epic Games, continues to expand: the arrival of season 7, which took place only a few days ago, has brought many new features within the game including the possibility, in the future, to use swords for fighting with the white weapon.

The game, which for some time has beaten every record of downloads and counts millions of online players worldwide, seems destined to undergo a small revolution with the ability to customize your character with a sword (weapon up to now never present in the game).

Fortnite in fact is characterized as a survival game and Battle Royale, depending on the game mode chosen, and for the use of firearms and mechanical vehicles: the introduction of swords and anything else, like knight armor, could anticipate an unexpected fantasy turn in the title.

Fortnite: sword fights

It is therefore clear that the world of Fortnite is preparing to change, perhaps facing a new and stimulating phase that could bring new dynamics of play within the Epic Games title (available for various platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android smartphones).

Through an introductory video on Twitter and Facebook, Fortnite announced the arrival of the swords inside the game, with a mysterious knight intent on holding the hilt of an enchanted and set blade (which very closely resembles one of the weapons of Infinity Blade, another series of games developed by Epic Games).

Crossover or real dynamics? What will interest the players is the actual way to use a white weapon like a sword inside the world of Fortnite, made of armored vehicles, flamethrowers and sniper rifles. After introducing the creative mode, which allows new possibilities for customizing the game in a similar way to what was implemented by Minecraft, the arrival of white weapons in Fortnite could really change the well-established dynamics of the game, bringing users to new and exciting challenges.

The swords are not yet available in Fortnite, nor are there any further details on the date of their actual debut or how they are used: it is likely that you will not have to wait long to see them in action, maybe even before Christmas. We will keep you posted.

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