Switch, Switch, Switch a Smart Phone. But is this a Smart Switch?

Grab the information with the touch and feel of finger is a new explosion in technology field. Technology has changed from brick type excessive expensive mobile phones to sleek, smart, easy to carry and pocket-friendly mobile phones.

In today’s market mobiles are scattered around everywhere. Wherever you lay your eyes you will find a mobile with some features different from the other. The choice of mobile phone depends upon the use, need, taste and budget of the user. Usually users go for a brand with trust and goodwill to ensure the quality and durability of product they purchased. They want a nicely packed, good to use, stable and durable phone. Users can look Samsung Mobile Price list in India and Vivo Mobile Price list in India.    

Samsung a brand to go for….

Samsung gadgets goes with the most trusted and attractive brand in gadgets with the use of Korean technology. It does not only provide variety of sets but it also aims for all types of consumer needs: be it a consumer with low budget range, medium budget range or a high budget range.

A Big Brand Mobile- Vivo….

Vivo is a low-cost mobile phone aimed to focus on medium-range customer segment. It is product of Chinese company which aims for true perfection while providing continuous surprises. This brand uses Fun touch operating system (a fork of android OS) and manufactures mobile phones for medium range customers.

Refer: Samsung Mobile Price list in India and Vivo Mobile Price list in India.

Best Quality provided with proper R & D

Samsung mobiles are one of the best quality mobile phones available in market. The build quality and component quality is way ahead of the smart phones available in market. This android based phone comes with new features among android devices as the company spends a lot of amount on continuous R&D.

Vivo being the Chinese brand mobile with attractive price trying neck to neck with other manufacturers in every field. Vivo offers excellent selfie camera quality and software for photos.

After Sales service

Samsung mobiles are reliable because of their best service network and employment of good mobile technicians i.e. if anything goes wrong in your mobile you have help ready.

What a customer desire after a purchase of any gadget is it’s after sales service in which Vivo is good but not better than Samsung. It also has less service centers and the spare parts availability is also less as compared to Samsung. 

Component Quality

Samsung is a brand name that uses standard quality of material to build its component. The internal quality is so good that it uses conductor made up of gold, as gold is a good conductor of electricity that is the reason why Samsung mobiles in general don’t have overheating issues or motherboard failure issues.

Vivo Mobiles are more for gaming; it has a better GPU than Samsung. It enhances users gaming experience. The quality of components used is not as good as compared to a Samsung Mobile. 


Though Samsung mobiles are not very good at faster and timely updates but still when compared with other low-priced brands its updates are better timed.

Vivo phones may frustrate customers by being late and buggy but they tend to become faster with the updates available. Updates available on Vivo mobiles are not faster and timely as compared to  Samsung mobiles.


UI or User Interface is everything which a user may interact on mobile phones i.e. screen of a mobile phone. Touch wiz UI is a full touch user interface which is available only on Samsung mobiles.

Vivo’s screen resolution is not better than that of Samsung also the battery life and battery backup of Vivo mobiles is less than that of a Samsung one.


Camera, camera and Camera is what a Samsung mobile is all about. Samsung ensures a good quality front and rear camera and a powerful API’s. Samsung installs good camera hardware even in budgeted phone.

Vivo Mobiles are selfie inspirational phones that focus on making picture wider and refined by removing all the obstacles and integration of more brand colors. Vivo being a selfie phone specializes in front camera.

Purchasing a mobile of any particular brand is solely the decision of customer. However, there are various sites for purchase of smart phones: Buy Mobile phone online, Today Mobile offers online and Samsung mobile sale online. Moreover a reliable and authentic site to compare prices of different gadgets or to see eye to eye is Knowprices.com.

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