Boost Your Business. Own a Website!

Imagine standing in queue for everything and wasting hours and hours for trivial things that have to be done in daily life. Tiresome? Scary? Yeah, it is. 

Recently I was in Mcleodganj, Dharmshala. The place is magical! You should definitely visit there. Before setting foot there, I had everything booked from the convenience of my home. From taxi to the hotel, from a guide to the lodge, everything, and that too at a discounted price. No bargaining to be done at the spot, no waiting, no hassle, no hiccups. Everything already planned and booked. How did I do this magic? Well, through websites. Magic! Isn’t it!

Let’s discuss why and where of websites.

Why own a website?

In these modern times, everybody is selling everything. No vendor is exclusive. How to be successful then? How to be ahead of the competition? How to earn more than your competitors? The answer is easy- reach more customers, offer them a discount, offer them ease of contacting you, offer them convenience. Have you seen Shopclues mobile coupons or paytm mobile coupon code etc while browsing? It’s online marketing strategy.

All of the above have one solution – own a website for your business you are doing or service that you are proving.

Prospective customers can contact you from thousands of miles away, can communicate and negotiate, and even request you something specific to him. Always remember a mantra, ‘if you won’t do it, somebody else will.’ So prepare yourself for future business scenarios and do yourself a favour – own a website.

Benefits of owning a website:

First and foremost; it expands your business possibilities. Due to the internet, distance is no longer matters because the internet has broken all geographical limits. A prospective customer can buy your merchandise from thousands of miles away without breaking a sweat. A satisfied customer is the best advertisement. A satisfied customer will tell others about you, in case a new customer is unwilling to pay a visit to your shop, but checking out a website is lot more convenient.

Selling online is cheaper: An online offer of goods and/or services are always cheaper to both; buyer and the seller because there is no intermediary to share your profit. Search keywords best mobile sale online, discount offers at couponscurry, updated coupons code online, best mobile vouchers code etc. to see how websites sell at lower price than your local shops.

Go Green: We have a responsibility towards mother nature and we cannot turn away from it. Cut down the use of paper and go green. The website offers paperless transaction for everything. Receipts and invoices through mail. Voila!

Advertisement of your product and services: Consider the cost and time involved in the printing brochure of your products and distributing it. Huge! Alternatively, you can advertise your merchandise on your website at fraction of cost in comparison to the conventional advertisement. Go green guys and save money on the side!

More reach at the local market: What if you are a grocery shop owner? Do you think you don’t need a website? Wrong! By owning a website, your shop is never closed. People can see, evaluate and order your merchandise anytime.

Reputation: A business with a website enjoys a better reputation than its competitors. Period. With growing customer database you’d enjoy the goodwill for the business that a website brings.

Give information to prospective customers: Offer advice to prospective customers regarding your products or services. People love advice from an expert. When you are offering multiple merchandises through the website, tell them which product would be more suitable for which situation. Moreover, the customer can obtain such information and advice even when you are sleeping in the comfort of your house.

Consumer database and market trends: By looking at your sales trend you’d be able to tell market trends and bring flexibility in your merchandise. Include a survey in your website, and you’d get market research data for almost free.

No effect of changing location: You are online through your website all the time. Changing the physical location of your shop or storage does not affect your business. You can notify customers about the new address on the website. Still, it’s cheaper than advertising for the new address.

Reach better employees: By including the ‘career’ section on your website, you’d get many times more resume than you would get through conventional methods of hiring employees. You can filter them at your convenience. Better employees mean better business.

Save on additional employees: By explaining your product or services at your website, you are  saving expenditure on a sales executive that might be necessary to finalise sales at the shop.

Offer your customers a discount: People love a discount. The money you save on intermediaries, stationery and other incidental is quite significant, so you can offer some of it as a discount to online customers. By hosting a discount coupon you can increase your customers.

Where to get a website

There are many ways you can get a website. You can pay an expert to develop your website or you may pay various companies that are engaged in building websites to your requirements. The domain name is very important as it represents your business.

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