Twitter has launched a prototype of a new application, Twttr, hoping to improve conversations on the social network. The users chosen for the program are encouraged to share their feedback on the tests and you can be one of them.

Twitter started last Monday (11) to test its “Twttr” application. Do you remember that name? Twttr is the original microblogging name and seems to want to return to the glory days. It allows testers to use the new features beforehand.

How to test the new Twitter application, Twttr

Users can sign up to participate in the program on the Twitter site. By filling out the form, you receive an email and, “within a few weeks,” you can share your thoughts on what you think of the new version of the Twitter application.

How to apply?

  1. Sign in to Twitter;
  2. Access the form page;
  3. Fill in your data (it is worth informing that you are a speaker of several languages);
  4. Wait for the email to arrive with the procedure to download the new app.

Those chosen for the program are invited to use Twttr as their main Twitter application, the exchange needs to happen. You are also encouraged to tweet screenshots about the new features you are testing with the #LetsHaveAConvo hashtag and share your heartfelt feedback on what has improved.

What changes in Twttr?

Twitter has been exploring the idea of adding color to responses so a user who posts an initial tweet of a thread sees their own responses in gray as their followers’ responses turn blue. Twitter is also showing the redesigned, more rounded responses that make the conversations look like chat screens of a messenger.

Twitter said most of its prototype testers use it in English or Japanese. A first group was accepted in the second and new users are on the “waiting list”.

Note that it is different from Twitter beta. Twttr is not available in app stores.


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