The Google console dedicated to video games is reality: here is the trailer that announces the arrival of the new platform to play, ready to challenge PS4, Xbox and Nintendo at GDC 2019.

Google: video game consoles arriving at GDC 2019

Google is preparing to officially enter the world of video games: the new original console created by the great G is ready to debut at the GDC 2019 in San Francisco. With a surprise trailer, Google prepares the gauntlet on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The official presentation date is expected in less than a week: on March 19th, Google will not fail to illustrate all the details on the release and characteristics of its official entry into the world of video games.

That Google was about to build a console for video games had long been known, with rumors and alleged more or less confirmed prototypes. Here’s all we know.

Google: how the new video game console will look like

The teaser trailer published by the Mountain View company does not provide many clues about the appearance or future features of the new console created by Google: the video shows a series of landscapes and environments in computer graphics that refer to some archetypes of the world of video games.

To combine these settings a blinding white light, located at the center of a long tunnel, which turns the console’s future capabilities into a visual metaphor: the entrance of a stadium, a futuristic landscape, a Formula 1 garage, a military vehicle, jungles and mysterious caves, castles and spaceships. All the elements designed to indicate the presence of many different kinds of games on the new Google gaming platform.

At the end of the video, only a date: March 19, 2019. This will be the date on which all details, features, appearance and games compatible with the new Google console will be revealed.

Google: how to follow the presentation of the new console

Already the official page dedicated, on which the new mysterious product will probably be inserted, all accompanied by the words “Discover a new way to play“. In addition to this, there is also a link to the live streaming of the presentation, scheduled in San Francisco for 10.00.

Unfortunately, the information on this subject is ephemeral and discordant. A few days before the announcement an alleged prototype for an original controller of the new console had emerged online, denied almost immediately since it dates back to some time before. We do not know if the Google project will be linked in some way to Android and the Play Store, but the presence of a specific dedicated trailer and a reserved official page suggest the debut of a real next-gen console completely unrelated to the world mobile.

On board the project as vice president also Jade Raymond, author of Canadian video games known for collaborating in the production of titles such as Assassin’s Creed 1 & 2 that has collaborated in the past with some big names in the industry like Sony Entertainment, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts. Appointment at the 2019 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to learn more about it.


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