You can bypass Block on WhatsApp: here is the trick to text to a contact who has blocked you and continue chatting.
WhatsApp: the trick to write to those who blocked you

Have you been blocked on WhatsApp? With whom it has never happened: maybe after a discussion or excessive spam. Blocking a contact on WhatsApp makes it possible to stop receiving messages from the blocked number, which will not be able to view our online status or contact us through the app. But there is a special method to write to those who blocked you on WhatsApp, easy and secure without the need to use third-party apps or too complicated methods.

WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging app, hides many tricks that allow you to take advantage of secret features not always known by all users. Writing to a blocked contact is just the last of these examples: let’s see how it works.

WhatsApp: has it blocked you? Here’s how

It happened to everyone, even just temptation: block a contact that is bothering you to end a particularly turbulent chat. It is difficult to understand immediately if your number has been blocked on WhatsApp or not: the function of sending messages remains intact, but the latter are no longer forwarded to the sender who can no longer receive our chats in any way.

The absence of the last seen, and of the online/offline status are also an additional clue to understand if a contact has blocked you. Often it is necessary to continue a conversation with an elusive contact, who may take advantage of this option to get around your contact attempts.

In this case the method to be exploited is the following: create a group. Three contacts are enough to create a group on WhatsApp, and the options want at least three contacts to be needed. It goes without saying that what you need is therefore either a second number with WhatsApp enabled or the complicity of a friend or acquaintance. Once the group has been created, the contact that has blocked you will also receive the messages written by your number, displaying them.

Of course, no response is guaranteed as well as the permanence of the recipient contact in the group, but makeup is the ideal method for those who like to have the last word in a discussion. Seeing is believing.


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