Huawei says goodbye to Android? The Chinese company has created a native and original operating system to be used in the event of a boycott by the USA.
Huawei: native operating system instead of Android?

Huawei has officially created a native and original operating system to use instead of Android, if necessary. The Chinese company’s plan B was already in the works for several years but the latest tensions between the United States and China, which see Huawei as its center (accused of espionage in favor of Chinese secret services) have accelerated the time and the need for valid and structured alternative, if Google opted for the removal of the green robot from Chinese devices.

Huawei always aims higher, and for the moment it keeps its operating system in the drawer. After having carved out, within a few years, a market share so consistent as to make it a leader in sales (surpassing even Apple ) now the Chinese company could become independent of Google, with a unique and exclusive native OS.

The goal is to verticalize its brand, and consequently the profits, making Huawei a sort of Apple of the Chinese market. But not only that, behind the choice of Huawei (whose rumors about a native operating system have been chasing each other for years) there are also some veiled political motivations.

Huawei Kirin OS instead of Android

The recent statements by US President Donald Trump, which invited the allied countries to boycott the devices produced by Huawei for security and cyber-espionage reasons, have annoyed the company made in China that has thought of an alternative solution to make oneself totally independent from Google and Mountain View, and therefore from the USA.

Rumors have been going on for several years, starting in 2012. A few months ago it was the same company that admitted the veracity of these rumors: through a post on the Chinese social network Weibo, Bruce Lee (vice president of the Huawei products section) confirmed that the development of an original operating system owned by the smartphone of the well-known production company is at work.

To these new statements were added by Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, to the German site Welt. In the interview the CEO pointed out:

“We prefer to work with Google and Microsoft as ecosystems, but if we ever get to the point where we can no longer use them, we have prepared our own operating system. This is our plan B”.

It will be called Kirin OS, and it would be ready to debut, in case of emergency, also for next summer: the arrival on the market of Huawei device from the unique, clean and original ecosystem could be a nice earthquake for the smartphone market (which sees, in the last quarter of 2018, just Huawei at the helm). If on one hand the risks are many, see the Windows Phone experience, the strength of a brand like the Chinese one could convince the developers to create apps for this new, increasingly concrete reality, too.

With more and more open challenges, not only with Trump’s America but also the recent battle for the Samsung full-screen smartphone, Huawei is preparing for a 2019 that will not fail to reserve innovations and surprises. Competitive prices, and cutting-edge specifications, are certainly good ground from which to start: the balance’s needle could really be moved by the future abandonment of Android.


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