Today technology meets us at every step that we move, since it knows how to lift us from different efforts and make some of the most stressful operations really simple and even fun. Especially if we talk about smartphones and specifically iPhone, which have a range of apps for all tastes.

Just take an example of the following applications you can avoid going to the photographer or spending money on the machine, all thanks to the best 3 apps to create photos on iPhone. That’s right! To create a photo ID you can use your iPhone and one of the three apps we are about to introduce you. Let’s have a look:

Passport ID Photos

Passport Id Photos
The first app that we will see in this article, and that you can use to create photo ID on the iPhone, is Passport ID Photos: it is a very simple and light application, with a very agile and easy to use interface. Thanks to this app, in fact, you can take your photo, adjust the margins, set the size and create a set of small photos that you can later print and use to complete your documents.

In addition, with My Photo Lite you have at your disposal a series of photo editing tools, such as options for adjusting brightness, colors, contrast and so on. Among other things, this app allows you to create a photo based on the type of paper or sheet on which you decide to print it. And you’ll never have to worry about mistakes, because the built-in ruler allows you to modify them and set them with precision to say the least millimeter.

Biometric Passport Photo

Biometric Passport Photo

It is an app that leaves very little room for imagination. As you have surely understood by yourself, this application – like the previous one – allows you to create perfect photo files for your documents, simply using your iPhone.

But what does it allow you to do, among the various things? For example, you can upload a photo already on the smartphone’s memory, or use the camera of your device to take a direct photo. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to use different photo editing tools at your disposal, such as zooming, clipping, brightness and contrast options, and so on.

You can also determine the type of photo paper by choosing between different options with inch measurement. Furthermore, Through the same app you can send the result of your work by email, or print it directly. To underline the fact that The ID Photo includes 100 templates of documents from all the countries of the world.



The last entry of our guide on the best 3 apps to create ID photos on iPhone is Photo4ID.This is a really very good application, so a more than a valid alternative to the previous two: with this app, in fact, you can create all the biometric photos you need to complete a document. Specifically, Photo4ID allows you to adjust various parameters including the dimensions and backgrounds of the ID photo, also based on the country of the document.

Then, you can also print it directly from the iPhone using the wireless, or save it to send it later via email. Although not full of options like the previous two, this app stands out because of a system of biometrics that through the camera can optimize the photos taken in direct, to optimize them as photos.


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