The Internet by its nature allows everyone to work in complete freedom, naturally within the limits of legality. Undoubtedly the web has done a lot of good for users all over the world, has provided opportunities to explore and learn about things that only a few years ago seemed remote and impenetrable and the benefits can not be ignored. But there are several countries that have blocked access to many web content, while others have limited Youtube, but also GoogleFacebook and many other services. In these cases what to do if you are in one of these conditions? Or, how to look at non-accessible content in your country? To answer these questions we have decided to offer the best free Proxy apps for Android.

Everyone has a different way of using internet resources like those from Youtube, Google and other similar services. But if you are in a position to be restricted on these sites or specifically by your ISPs on an Android device, then you can stop worrying, because we have the right solution with this list of the best free applications for Android Proxy.

Before taking a look at the list of free Proxy apps for Android, it’s important to know what a proxy is. A Proxy is a software that receives your request (access link to a website), processes it and then returns the response (access to the site). If this software recognizes that you want to access a site from a country where there are limitations, then you are prevented from accessing it. In this case you need an IP from another country that has no restrictions, or you have to make it appear that your IP comes from another country.

In practice, accessing a blocked site means appearing like someone else and in terms of Internet means changing your IP address and connecting to the web through another IP (Internet Protocol) address. This allows you to access all blocked sites easily through the new IP avoiding any restrictions you may encounter for any reason anywhere in the world. Let’s see how it is possible with these proxy applications to change an IP address automatically and hide your identity.

The 5 best free Proxy apps for Android

Hotspot Shield VPN

The first and among the best free applications Proxy, not to say the most popular VPN application for computers, but is also available for Android. Hotspot Shield you can find it installed on most mobile devices, the main reason is its flexibility. Hotspot Shield unblock blocked sites and allow users to also access blocked social messaging applications. It protects your identity on the web and helps maintain privacy at a high level of security. Furthermore, Hotspot Shield has been recommended by many security experts. The application is available in two variants, a Free and another Pro. The free version contains advertisements and some limited features, while the Pro is ad-free and contains some interesting additional features.

DOWNLOAD | Hotspot Shield


It is not too old, Spotflux made its entrance a few years ago. The purpose of this app is to make it easier for users to access the web anonymously and surf the safe, the application has become very popular in a short time for desktop PCs. After using it on my laptop for quite a long time, I wanted the application to be available for Android and finally, it was also included on the Play Store, but after a short time it was removed. But do not worry, because you can get it in APK format. Spotflux also offers a nice user interface that makes it easy to use. As a Shielf Hotspot, Spotflux also comes with free and paid versions and both have their own unique features.

DOWNLOAD | Spotflux – APK

Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is a 100% free VPN app. It is characterized by high speed and is among the best free unlimited VPN clients for Android. Turbo VPN connects with the speed of a hare to unlock websites, Wi-Fi hotspots and to protect your privacy.
It is simple to use and easy to connect to the VPN proxy server.
Not only can you unlock websites with a VPN proxy server connection, but you can also unlock videos not available in our country like Netflix. Protect network traffic in WiFi hotspots and you can surf anonymously and securely without being identified. It works with WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile data carriers.


VPN One Click

Another great VPN application that we can recommend in this list to use without problems is this app called VPN One Click. As the name suggests, it is a one-click application that quickly connects to another IP address with just one click and hides the network data while you are surfing the internet. The One Click VPN app has connected servers in different countries around the world that make navigation easier and safer. The application is currently available for multiple platforms including Android, iOS and Windows. VPN One Click is also recommended by many users. Vpn One Click protects your online privacy by encrypting your Internet connection and unlocking all blocked services by connecting to a virtual private network.


Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN is an application that distinguishes itself for its speed and provides free VPN proxy service. No configuration is required, simply click on a button and you can access the Internet safely and anonymously.

When it comes to Internet security, Thunder VPN is an essential tool. Encrypt your connection so that others can not keep track of your online activities, making it more secure than a typical proxy. They have built a global VPN network including America, Europe and Asia, and will soon also be extended to other countries.


We have completed the list of those that we believe are the best free Proxy apps that help you browse blocked or restricted sites in some parts of the world. Make good use of it and if you have any problems with their use, do not hesitate to write us in the comments. I suggest you also read the article free VPN for Android.


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