The Best Shows On Hulu This Year & How To Watch Them Worldwide

Streaming services these days are pumping out some incredible original content. One problem, you have to subscribe to enjoy it, and what’s more the country you live in might not even allow you to do that.

Hulu particularly is geoblocked worldwide, with the service only operating in the United States and Japan. Which is not ideal if you want to watch some of the hottest shows on the planet!

There are of course ways around it. Below you’ll find some of the best shows to watch right now via Hulu, and if you want to watch them a VPN is the perfect solution.

If you’re searching to find out how to watch Hulu abroad all you need to do is download one to your device and connect to a US IP address.

But what should you be watching once you’ve done that? Here are our must watch shows for 2019…

Marvel’s Runaways

Now in season two, Marvel’s Runaways is a fantastic show that’s a real teen adventure.

The story follows six LA teenagers who find out that their parents are evil. Teaming up, despite their very different personalities, the set off on a journey to investigate exactly what their parents are covering up.

There’s drama, comedy and everything you’d expect from a Marvel production, but will Alex Wilder and co. be able to prevent their parents from causing more problems?

Future Man

Starring Josh Hutcherson and Eliza Coupe, Future Man has just welcomed its second season and is a really fun, action-packed show.

Josh, also his character name, lives a very normal life. Like many young men, he works, comes home and plays video games. However, his life flips on its axis when he completes a seemingly impossible video game and he’s met with visitors from the future, and not the pleasant game.

With his life now essentially a video game, he must bring together a team of misfits to save the world. With time travel, brilliant fight scenes and much more, it’s a real original watch and one you certainly shouldn’t miss out on.

Fresh Off The Boat

In a time when immigration is towards the top of almost every political agenda, Fresh Off The Boat offers a satirical and comic look at the issue.

Following an immigrant family who have just moved from Washington DC’s Chinatown to Orlando, it’s a hilarious look at the life of young Eddie, the 12-year-old boy obsessed with hip hop.

Base on the best-selling memoir by Eddie Huang himself, there’s five seasons of this beauty to binge right through a weekend.


Atlanta continues to be one of the most hyped shows around, and rightly so. Starring the extremely talented Donald Glover, the comedy-drama charts he life of Earn, a down-and-out college dropout who struggles to provide for his child and on/off girlfriend.

Earn sees a way out however when his cousin starts to make waves on the rap circuit. The solution – become his manager.

Most episodes are worth a watch as standalone, and there are some incredibly unique and groundbreaking episodes throughout.

If you’re abroad and want some light relief, Atlanta is well worth looking up via Hulu.

Fyre Fraud

The Fyre Festival hit the headlines after the luxury festival went incredibly wrong. And that’s being polite.

Two documentaries have been made around the fiasco, that saw founder of the festival, Billy McFarland go to prison. Both Netflix and Hulu have released their take on events, but the latter has the man himself interviewed.

Fyre Fraud is an incredible tale that proved you shouldn’t always listen to influencers and highlighted just how many people were ripped off by McFarland.

You really have to see it to believe the incredible scale in which fraud was committed, with McFarland spending tens of millions of dollars he simply couldn’t pay back.


Catch-22 is based upon the best-selling novel by Joseph Heller and is one of a number of Hulu Originals really causing a stir.

Following the adventures of a US squadron during WWII in Italy, and is a sensational period drama that is incredibly realistic.

The main protagonist is Yossarian, a bombardier whose main goal is to simply come back down alive after every flight. However, with more and more missions being given to the squadron, that’s a lot easier said than done.

An all-star cast is involved in the show, with George Clooney producing and starring as Scheisskopf, while performances from Hugh Laurie, Kyle Chandler and Christopher Abbott, in the main role, are also standout.

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