WordPress Guide for the choice of best theme – In this article we will see which are the best WordPress themes and how these are able to influence forever the performance, traffic and SEO of your site or your blog. An OBLIGATORY reading for anyone who has already chosen a WordPress template for their blogwebsite or for those who still do not have a template and still have to choose it.

After telling you how the best hosting can affect the performance of your blog, today I show you how you can get great results simply by changing the WordPress template of your blog. But how do you choose a theme for WordPress? Here is how to choose WordPress templates and a short video guide at the bottom of the page.

WordPress themes: the complete guide

The WordPress template of your website is one of the elements that most influences your future “technical results”.

What do I mean by technical results?

I mean all those values like speedsearch engine rankings and conversion rates that will determine the success of your blog or website in the long run.

Here is the guide: how to create a successful blog

If the WordPress themes were not so important, there would be no blogger willing to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to get the right template.

Obviously, this article will show you how you can choose a great WordPress template without spending more than 30/50 dollars!

How do you choose the WordPress themes to be used on a website? All mistakes not to be committed.

Here you will find the list of the most frequent errors that the average user makes while searching for the best WordPress template.

1 – Look for “best free WordPress themes” on Google. 
Choosing a free WordPress template is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, soon I’ll explain why.

2 – Look for “best WordPress 2018 themes” on Google. 
Another search, another mistake. Looking for the WordPress template of the year will not guarantee you the best choice.

3 – Buy WordPress themes without having analyzed them in detail. 
The first thing you must do after finding a nice WordPress template is to analyze each of its characteristics. Soon I will explain how it is possible to distinguish a good theme from a poor template.

4 – Make your own WordPress template by a web developer for a few hundred dollars
Do not do it, it’s a rip off. No programmer would develop a GOOD theme for that ridiculous amount.

Why should not you use free WordPress themes?

The answer is quite simple and immediate: creating an excellent WordPress template requires time and skills, no professional would do it for free.

Usually, the free templates are made by low-profile programmers who throw themselves on the market and who, to practice and create an audience of future customers, publish their work for free.

As I said, a template decisively influences the performance of your blog or website.

You have to imagine the WordPress theme as a set of documents written in PHP. PHP is a programming language.

When the code of a template is not structured in the most efficient way, two things mainly happen:

  1. WordPress takes more time to load your blog: badly written codes weigh down all its functions and make its loading slower.
  2. Google, when it has to do a “scan” of your blog, will struggle to “communicate” with its code and will attribute a low rank in its search results.

There is therefore a double penalty: visitors will be more and more fleeing because of the slowness of loading and less and less visitors come from search engines.

Let’s see HOW TO AVOID all this.

To get the opposite effect you have to look for the best WordPress themes and choose a good template among them.

But how can we choose a WordPress template, which costs little, which has a code that like Google and is efficient in loading times?

The main solution is to find a good source of WordPress themes.

The best WordPress templates on ThemeforestThemeforest is the largest marketplace of WordPress themes on the web. Inside you will find on sale responsive WordPress themes, corporate WordPress themes, template for magazine and themes for blogs.

Some WordPress themes are optimized for SEO (positioning for search engines), others for mobile, others for viral videos.

On Themeforest it is easy to find excellent solutions, the important thing is to learn to search.

Once you arrive in the portal you will notice that there are several sections, in fact Themeforest sells templates for other platforms too. Once in the site you will have to click on “WordPress” in the upper menu to enter the dedicated area.

You will only have to browse the thousands of existing WordPress themes. My advice is to choose your category of interest, sort WordPress themes by release date and take a look at those with more sales and higher degree of satisfaction (see the stars).

But how can you choose the best WordPress templates ever?

Of course!

The answer is GENESIS FRAMEWORK by Studiopress, the provider of the best WordPress themes.

Genesis is nothing but a framework, a sort of intermediary between your template and the main engine of your blog, or WordPress.

The intent of Copyblogger Media, the company that deals with the development of Genesis, is to create the best professional WordPress themes on the market.

Just to quote some data in their favor:

  • All their themes are optimized for SEO
  • More than 500,000 websites use the WordPress themes of Genesis on the web
  • Virtually all the biggest bloggers in the world use Studiopress and Genesis
  • All themes are equipped with responsive technology and HTML5
  • The security against cyber attacks is guaranteed
  • The themes are fast in loading
  • they are constantly updated automatically
  • they are equipped with the possibility to modify layouts

Perhaps the difference between Studiopress and Genesis will not be clear to you. Well, this is practically nothing! Studiopress is the platform in which the templates are sold, while  Genesis is the framework that is inserted in each of the templates. By buying a theme on Studiopress, Genesis is automatically included!

Using Genesis you will experience two great improvements :

  • Google has started to show your posts among the first places in its search results
  • Upload your blog pages extremely faster.

Certainly Genesis, together with Bluehost (Hosting service), are a  source of great results for your website.

For more information about: Genesis and Studiopress on the official website.


My advice is this:

Finally, to deepen the topic on WordPress themes I suggest you also read: WordPress child themes.


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