Brawl Stars is an action game by the same developer of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. The new Supercell game brings a lot of shooters in singleplayer and multiplayer mode with two or three people. Your goal is to defeat your opponents, collect gems and gold, and improve your warriors’ abilities. Here are some tips to get you started on Brawl Stars.

5 Tips for Playing Brawl Stars

1. Know the basics of your warrior

In the game, your character is known as Brawler. Learning the basics of your warrior’s attributes will help you to define the best attack strategy (solo or with friends) and survival strategy. Each character has its own characteristics, but all have the same types of control: movement and attack.

Your warrior has a life bar and an attack bar. You can attack up to three times before reloading. The tip is to wait for the right moment to attack to eliminate an opponent fast. Wasting shots means getting some precious seconds vulnerable to counterattacks while recharging. Do not forget to aim well at the target. Press and hold the shooting button to aim. When focusing on an enemy, release it for a sure shot.

2. Do not forget to always heal

It may seem silly to remember this, but in the heat of battle, we sometimes forget to look at the life bar and know how much we can still hold alive in a match. Therefore, when receiving some damage, look for a way to heal, as a second shot can be fatal.

Move away from the center of the fight or seek protection behind some obstacle to it. Stand still for a moment and your life bar will recharge. Shooting during this process slows recovery. On the other side, if you notice any opponent using this strategy, you can take advantage to give the final shot.

3. Unlock other free Brawlers

You start playing with a standard character, called Shelly. However, the best of the game is to unlock other warriors and thus decide what your fighting style will be. It is possible to get new Brawlers for free, but this will depend on your dedication and hours of gaming (plus lots of wins).

You can win characters in the following ways:

  • When winning trophies: winning several matches, you can join trophies and trade for some warriors;
  • Brawl Boxes: When you join 100 tokens it is possible to open one of these special boxes. To receive tokens is enough to play;
  • Game shop: When collecting gems, you can buy characters in the game shop. This process is much more time consuming, but it is an alternative to spending real money.

4. Evolve your Brawler and improve your skills

Adding Power Points is essential to improving your warrior’s abilities and thus being able to face more difficult challenges. You can find these points by opening Brawl Boxes, collecting 100 tokens or using gems to buy the loot boxes. Power Points are unique to each character and can only be used in the designated Brawler. Also keep an eye on the game store for promotions.

5. Explore the different game modes

Brawl Stars has some game modes, with different objectives, to avoid falling into the sameness. As soon as you enter the game, for the first time, you face Peak Gem mode. In it, two teams of three players each need to collect and maintain their gems until the end of the match. The Combat mode, which drinks from the source of the famous Battle Royales, can be accessed when the player collects 30 trophies.

You may also venture into other modes such as:

  • Star hunters: two teams of three players trying to eliminate the other;
  • Robbery: While one team protects their vault, the other tries to steal it;
  • Fute-Brawl: To win, the team must score two goals;
  • Big Game: One of the warriors takes on the role of boss, while the other four players try to defeat him. The boss has more hit points and deals more damage per attack.


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