Apex Legends is another game of the genre Battle Royale, that is, all against all. Posted by Electronic Arts, the game is free and is available for PC ( Windows ), PS4 and Xbox One. You compete against approximately 60 other players (divided into three-person squads) for resources, weapons, and for your own survival. Here are tips and strategies for doing well in Apex Legends.

6 tips to win every game in Apex Legends

1. Customize your gameplay style

In general, all competitors are equal. It is the choice of your Legend, that is, your class that will determine your role in the game and, consequently, your gameplay style. The tip is to always look for a way to balance attributes of strength, speed, and firepower among team members. So, one can help the other.

Among the options available, you can choose to be a “Gibraltar”, and become a powerful shield that will separate your team from enemies. If you prefer agility, try the “Pathfinder” and help your squadron cover long distances and surprise your opponents. But if it is considered essential to maintain the health of your team up to date, play support with Lifeline. Try other styles too.

2. Choose well where you will land

The game follows an already known line of aircraft jumping and landing, as well as other Battle Royale systems. However, there are some points that make Apex Legends a little different in that regard.

The control of who will decide how the jump will always be delivered to the third person who chooses his Legend (class or gameplay style). But if you do not want to be responsible for positioning your team on ground, you can give up that right by pressing the button that appears on the screen as soon as the countdown begins.

Concerning the best place to fall, it is not a rule, but if you do not want to fall into the “eye of the hurricane” and possibly in the middle of the shooting, consider landing in a distant place. Look for somewhere near the boundaries of the map, for example. By doing this, you gain a little more time to prepare.


3. Do not stray too far from your squadron

Teamwork is the hallmark of success for Apex Legends. If you have set up your team in a way that complements the other, a missing piece (or lost by the map) may be the end of your squad.

Teamplay helps both team safety and makes it easy to combine strategies. Are you forbidden to play alone? No, but try to face only one well-coordinated opposing squad and one helping the other … You will hardly succeed.

4. Go after the best equipment but watch out

While increasing the chances of getting into combat much faster, landing near buildings and drop-off supplies (with the best loot in the game) can give that initial boost to your squad, which starts each game with no weapon or armor.

But of course these places are coveted by both you and all other competitors, so be careful before you play desperately in these places. Believe me, there’s always someone on the prowl to get you out and get your things. Now it is to decide with your team whether these elite equipment is worth the risk or not.

5. Relive your teammates

Tapping again on the importance of teamwork, help your team stand and fight (being a supporting character or not). Keep the tactical integrity of the squadron intact for more chances to survive.

Each Legend carries a flag that is activated as soon as a player dies. Only your teammates can pick up this flag to take to a renaissance point and thus bring this player back to the match. Is this a risky move? Yes, because the resurrection process takes time and the player returns without any equipment.

But it is even better than seeing yourself alone or embezzled in the arena. So help your relived friend to equip himself again and continue the fight!

6. Do not waste the chance of picking up items

You can not predict what awaits you when you arrive in the arena. So never wring your nose at that seemingly weak piece of equipment. Everything can be useful in the game and until you find something better, it’s better to have +1 protection than to have anything.

As you collect new weapons, armor, backpack upgrades, weapon upgrades, and more, your own inventory will let you know if any items you just picked up are superior or not to what you are using.

You and your squad mates can help each other by pointing out locations to collect equipment as well. Oh, and do not forget to collect the equipment of your defeated enemies. They will not even need it anymore…


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