Top 5 collectibles of the rarest video games franchise

Top collectibles of the rarest video games franchise

Games are not just a screen of graphics but a whole world- an alternate universe for you to explore at your fingertips. You make choices, reap benefits or regret decisions; you develop a skill set, you use them to push yourself forward and enjoy the fear, the adrenaline of something so virtual yet so real, just as steady as the character development arc of the protagonist. 

With great games that tell a story, teach you lessons, critical thinking, and quick decisions, you get obsessed quickly. You finish the game, yet somehow, it is not enough; you replay and rewind the thrill. But nothing compares to the first experience of you crossing the barriers and claiming the rewards. 

Collectibles are your souvenirs that will signify your entrance into the world of video games and virtual reality. A game that holds a special place in your heart requires a special place on your shelf, in your room: Be it video game posters, objects, or a rare video game itself. 

Here is the list of rarest collectibles that you can’t find on the market:

1. Nintendo PlayStation

Nintendo PlayStation

On the border of myth, Nintendo Playstation is the fruit of a rare and brief partnership of two famous titles, Sony and Nintendo. Apparently, a few console equipment were made as prototypes for testing the compatibility of the two brands. But, as known, the partnership broke up, and Nintendo made do with Phillips, and Sony made its own PlayStation. The console was named Sony Playstation and was made for CDs and SNES as an addon for Nintendo. To date, only a few consoles have been made, and one of them recently turned up on Reddit. 

Gamma Attack: rarest as in the one and only Gamma attack for the platform Atari 2600 by the company Gammation is simple gameplay of retro-style shoot ’em up. The only copy is with the collector Anthony DeNardo. While nobody will buy this 1983 game for millions, but for the ones who are interested, the price for this vintage game is $500,000. No, thanks!

2. Swordquest: 


Only a hardcore Atari or a DC fan will recognize the name of these games in the series of four. It entrusted its players to decode the numbers collected in the game. These numbers corresponded to a page and line in the dc comic book: an original copy that came with the game. You had to put together words and sentences and mail them to Atari. The closest resemblance of the answer or the exact answer would get them a chance to compete for an actual treasure. It was a rare endeavor and fruited its winners, a jewel-encrusted chalice, medallion, and a sword. 

3. Incredibly vintage game collection: 

Incredibly Vintage Game Collection
  • STADIUM EVENTS: Initially released by Bandai for family fun, with a flexible controller Mat, on which you could run, jump or walk to control your players on the screen. The idea was quickly caught and sold to Nintendo, who later released a similar game. Nintendo also decided to pull all the original game Stadium Events from the shelves to avoid confusion with the new game. But not before the game sold 200 copies, of which only 20 complete copies stood the test of time. 

Of the 20 known copies, two recently surfaced in the garage and were sold for more than $13k, and if sealed, the console pack was sold for $41k. Pretty good garage cleanup deal if you ask me! Ought to clean up the garage more often.

  • 1990 NINTENDO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (GRAY AND GOLD EDITIONS): In the 1990s, Nintendo set out to find the best champion in the world, releasing a 30 city tournament for gaming in the US and Canada. The player had to score the best in three demo versions of Super Mario Bros, Rad Racer, and Tetris. The high score set in the time limit of six minutes was to compete with the players all over the US and Canada. The winners were given an incredibly rare championship Cartridge that was only 90 in units. Moreover, the Nintendo Power magazine promotional contest winners were awarded a gold Cartridge that was only 26. 
  • NINTENDO CAMPUS CHALLENGE: the epic garage sale hosted by one of the employees of Nintendo led to the gaming treasure of vintage Nintendo and its consoles. One of the items of this epic retro gaming garage sale was the Nintendo campus Challenge hosted on college campuses and popular spring break destinations. As before, the players were given a chance to score as high as possible in Six minutes in Super Mario Bros. 3, Pinbot, Dr. Mario. It awarded new cars and scholarships to the winners. Only one copy managed to survive and is a rare collectible to own. 

4. Megaman statues: 

Megaman Statues

Released on the 20th and 25th anniversary of Megaman, these are on the list for their emotional value as many gamers refuse to forget the games played for this franchise. All in rage in its time, Megaman carved a special place in the hearts of gamers and was the starting point of gaming careers. These gold and silver statues are rare and unique for Megaman gamers who would not part with them. 

5. Link’s E3 1997 Statue:

You know, if you know. This hero of Legend of Zelda was released as a statue collectible in 1997, available only in E3, where Nintendo was collecting hype for Ocarina of time. These statues of Link are invaluable to the gamers and are rarely on sale. But you may watch out for it on eBay. 


Game collectibles are a hobby for the patient and the knowledgeable; much of it depends on luck and information. However, recognizing the collectible value and not letting it slip out of your fingers is the only way to grab your unique/copy of whichever video game interests you. Start by collecting video game posters and comics, and then the statues and the objects of the franchise you follow. With the list you read, you know how the object’s value multiplies with the time passed and the brand of the collectible franchise. Happy gaming!

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