Top Resources to Prepare for Microsoft MS-900 Exam. Can Exam Dumps Help?

Having fundamental skills in any technical role is essential. It helps you find your place in the IT field and guides you in understanding the basic requirements of a particular area, especially if you’re new in that field. Learning the basic skills helps you nurture your interest in the specific sector and get expertise for the top level. That’s why Microsoft has introduced the Fundamental-level badges in its role-based certification path. The Microsoft MS-900 exam is among the tests linked to this category.

In this post, we’ll help you know more about this test as well as credential it leads to and you’ll know the top resources to use to prepare for it. Before we do this, let’s see how the latest Microsoft’s certifications are like.

What You Need to Know About New Microsoft Certifications?

While former Microsoft credentials were product-based, with the new certification exams, the company has helped professionals to obtain the skills that assist them in succeeding in their specific job roles. Currently, exam takers can earn credentials that come in three levels: Fundamental, Associate, and Expert.

After you pass the required exams, you’ll have a chance to obtain a role-based badge. As the article is dedicated to Microsoft Practice Test test you now need to know some of its details and the category it falls in.

MS-900 Exam Details

Passing MS-900 exam allows you to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals credential. It’s the only test needed to fulfill the requirements of earning it.

The test consists of 40-60 questions that might cover various formats. This includes best answer, multiple-choice, review screen, short answer, drag-and-drop, active screen, and build list question types. You have 60 minutes to complete the test and need to score at least 700 marks to pass it. The exam will cost you $99.

The skills measured in this assessment include an understanding of the following themes:

  • could concepts,
  • core Microsoft 365 services and concepts,
  • compliance, security, trust, and privacy in Microsoft 365,
  • Microsoft 365 support and pricing.

The solid knowledge of fundamental concepts will assist you in getting hired in lucrative positions like IT Consultant, Microsoft 365 Specialist, service operation analyst, and solutions specialist. Let’s see how you can prepare for this exam so as to pass it and take up any of these jobs visit

Top Resources to Help You Prepare for MS-900 Exam

While MS-900 test measures your basic skills in adopting cloud services, it doesn’t imply that passing it will be a walk in the park. The technical scope of Microsoft certification exams makes them hard to ace. So, you need a special approach to help you master all the key concepts and skills. The only way to get it right is by finding the best materials that will give you the greatest support. So, what are some of the top platforms that offer the best preparation resources? Let’s find out next.

  1. Microsoft site

The official Microsoft site is extremely resourceful. It shares important information like how to register for the test, the areas you need to cover, and the courses to take for the exam. You’ll also know how to enroll for the instructor-led training. The site also offers a downloadable guide that helps you prepare for the exam effectively.

  1. Microsoft Press Store

The platform provides the candidates with useful exam study guides and other resources for your preparation. Study guides are powerful materials for productive self-study. They’re tailored to guide candidates through the exam topics and increase the progress of practicing with ready-made questions and answers, working with hands-on labs, and taking any training course. “Exam Ref MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals” is one of the books offered by the Microsoft Press. The study guide helps you to demonstrate your mastery of real-world skills touching on the benefits of using cloud services.


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Amazon offers the best study guides that help you prepare for Microsoft exams. “Exam Ref MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals” by Craig Zacker is a comprehensive book available on Amazon. The study guide allows you to enhance your mastery of practical knowledge on the advantages of using cloud services. It’s designed for IT specialists, and focuses on the critical thinking skills you need to succeed at the fundamental-level exam. The book organizes its coverage by the test objectives, features strategies and more. So, this is a must-have preparation material if you want to pass MS-900 exam.


Beginning a new IT path or career can be overwhelming. However, with MS-900 exam, discovering what you intend to pursue is easy. The exam helps you build a strong foundation that assists you in defining your specific role which will determine your career move. This means you need to make sure you pass this certification exam, so, here exam dumps and the resources mentioned become extremely helpful. Get your fundamental certification today and begin a career that’s going to make a difference in your organization and in your life.