Top Tech Developments In The Gaming World

The gaming industry was already doing well prior to the current health crisis, but C19 saw $29.4 billion worth of games sold – a sharp 23% increase from the same period in the previous year. Lockdowns, the launch of new games, and major tech developments have made gaming more appealing to older as well as younger gamers, with a study by Sensor Tower showing that the phenomenon has hit not only the U.S., but Asia and the E.U. as well. With sales of both consoles and mobile gaming reaching new heights, what technologies are making gaming more appealing than ever, now and in the near future?

Immersive 3D Technology

Augmented reality startup, Tilt Five Inc. recently raised $7.5 million in investment to develop a new augmented reality system that brings board games to life. The idea, says Tilt’s founders, is to bring families and friends together to play in the real world, with extra magic provided by fantastical new worlds. The team is working on a board game that can be played by groups of friends in a living room as well as remote friends. All players will be sharing a 3D holographic environment that is projected onto the playing space.

Devices That Turn Tablets Into Consoles

Razer presented Kishi (a switch that can be added to your phone to turn it into a console) at CES 2020, causing quite a stir among gaming fanatics in the audience. The new tech essentially comprises to Xbox-layout controllers that fit over each side of a smartphone, enabling users  to play games using standard controls/buttons. The Kishi works with both iOS and Android, connecting via USB-C or Lightning. Costing just $100, it promises to be a hot item for holiday stockings this December.

Top-Level Monitors For Gaming

Top monitors for gaming now boast features such as fast refresh rates, with the Asus ROG Swift 360Hz monitor sporting a 360Hz refresh rate. This makes it ideal for pro and semi-pro esports gamers, since its technology enables a 1 ms response for sharp visuals with high frame rates. For teens and tweens, a cheaper option is that of a smart TV, which can also perform additional functions. Teenagers love tech presents, but if you want one the whole family can enjoy, a smart TV with HD resolution will enable them to play games in good quality but also watch TV and movies. If you are concerned about kids spending too much time on digital games, combine tech gifts with outdoor games such as sling ball sets, drones, RC toys and other active games.

Facial Recognition

Imagine being able to play an immersive game featuring a character in your likeness. The team at Intel are already working on tech such as the RealSense 3D camera, which allows developers to design games that adapt to your emotions. It scans almost 80 points on your face, so it can identify when you are having a good time and when the game is causing you too much difficulty. Complementing facial recognition tech is voice recognition, which allows players to turn their console on or off, control aspects of games, interact with other players, play music from their media library, or surf the web while enjoying an exciting game.

Gaming has become a key entertainment option during times in which many people across the globe are experiencing some form of home confinement. New consoles, monitors, and smartphones are making the experience more seamless and fun. So, too, are new applications of technologies such as AR, VR, and facial recognition.

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