What Makes a MacBook Superior To Other Laptops in the Market?

With more than 100 million active users throughout the world, Macbook continues to impress and engage the tech-savvies. What makes it stand out differently in the crowd of laptops and handy systems is the sleek body and robust OS (operating system). 

“There’s no other company that could make a Macbook Air and the reason is that not only do we control the hardware, but we control the operating system. And it is the intimate interaction between the operating system and the hardware that allows us to do that. There is no intimate interaction between Windows and a Dell notebook.”

-Steve Jobs 
What Makes a MacBook Superior To Other Laptops in the Market

Some factors which make the MacBook a preferred choice over other branded laptops. 

Improved integration of software and hardware – 

This is one of the most highlighted pros of Apple that it produces its own software (operating system) and hardware (MacBooks) which ensures complete security to the users. On the contrary, other brands like Lenovo, Dell or HP do not manufacture software. Resulting, all these branded laptops use Microsoft Windows. Here, Apple proves to be the top player leading the hardware and software marketplace while giving Apple users the trust, finest experience, and security they deserve. 

As of now, Apple launched only two Macbook variations including – MacBook Air (11 and 13) and MacBook Pro (13 and 15). Both encompass a few similar configurations depending on the version type. 

Ease – 

Although operating both types of laptops (MacBook and Windows laptop) is super easy and addictive, but when it comes to adopting the features and updates, it’s hard to beat MacBook. It does have a line of interesting and unique features. What attracts people the most is cheat-sheet developed to fasten up MacBook functioning. 

Manufacturing quality – 

It may interest you to know that Macbooks are made with a single piece of aluminium, particularly called a unibody aluminium chassis. There is no torsion yielding, inconsistent in-between gaps, joints or cracks. 

“By the way, if you get mad at your Mac laptop and wonder who designed this demonic device, notice the manufacturer’s icon on top: an apple with a bite out of it.”

– Peter Kreeft

The aluminium used for Macbook manufacturing is ultra-lightweight, strengthens the upper layer of the laptop and ensures exceptional appearance. All in all, it makes the Macbook look worth buying. 

Exceptional display – 

The world knows and praises the Retina displays of MacBook Pro. The MBP 13 version has 2560X1600 resolution whereas the version 15 comes with 2880X1800 resolution to amaze you. It offers crystal clear display with sharp focus quality and everything that you would have wished for in your MacBook. 

The last line – 

For years, the technological world saw a heated debate between what is better – PCs or Macbooks? And now, this discussion has shifted to MacBooks and laptops. There are different factors which collaborate and make this debate even more meaningful. 

All the factors mentioned above put the real-time differences witnessed by real users for the years. Out of all the factors, Macbook gets maximum leverage and attention as it comes from a giant brand ruling the world of technology.

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