How to transfer data from iPhone to Huawei

In the end, you could not resist. Even though you have only ever bought an iPhone, you have decided to buy one of the best Huawei branded Android smartphones. Now that you’ve received it, however, you’ve realized that you can not use it yet. First, in fact, you must understand how to transfer data from iPhone to Huawei, so you can recover photos, videos, messages and contacts on your iPhone.

A less complex operation than you might think. Even if your knowledge of Android is very limited, the mobile operating system created by Google and customized by the Chinese manufacturer gives you all the tools you need to transfer data from iPhone to Huawei. On the other, they are really intuitive and quick. I warn you, however, that there is a painful exception: WhatsApp chats. Unless you decide to purchase an ad hoc third-party app, it’s impossible to move them. Try reading the guide to transfer WhatsApp backups from iOS to Android in case you need them. In short, if there is some conversation you care a lot about, you have to spend a few dollars.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Huawei

To transfer data from iPhone to Huawei, you can follow different paths. It is up to you to choose the one that is most convenient and best suited to your needs. If you need to recover all the data, I suggest you use a free app that allows you to copy files, photos and contacts on the iPhone and move them, the same, on your new Huawei that you just bought.

Instead, if you only have to move some data, there are other methods that will save you a lot of time (and space on the memory of the new phone). Continue reading to deepen the matter.

Move all data from iPhone to Huawei

In case you want to transfer data from iPhone to Huawei in a complete way, you can take advantage of the free Phone Clone application, developed by the same Chinese manufacturer to migrate data from an old smartphone to a new one. Characterized by a rather intuitive operation, allows you to choose whether to move only some data or if, instead, move all the contents of the iPhone memory on the new Android phone.

Check, first of all, if the Phone Clone app is already on the Huawei mobile phone just bought. If not, download it from this address. Then, take the iPhone, open the App Store and install Phone Clone also on the old iPhone. Now open the app on the Huawei phone, press on New Phone, then on iOS device and wait a few moments for the app to automatically set up the Wi-Fi network required for data transfer.

Once the data appears, take the iPhone, start Phone Clone, press on Old phone and choose the Connect option. In the screen that appears, choose the wireless network created by the Huawei phone. Once connected, on the iPhone display will appear the folders that you can transfer to Huawei. Choose all the folders or just some, depending on the data you want to move. Before starting the transfer, the app will show you the space it will occupy in memory and the indicative time needed to complete the operation.

Contacts and address book

To transfer data from iPhone to Huawei related to contacts, you can avoid using the Phone Clone application. You could take advantage of iOS settings directly. Open System Settings and follow the path Account and password > Add account > Google. Then, enter the credentials of the Gmail profile you just used on Huawei.

After logging in, move the switches from left to right so they turn green. Now, take your Huawei phone, open the Settings, select Accounts, tap Google, and make sure the lever at Sync contacts is moved to the right. If so, within a few minutes, the synchronization of the phonebook should be complete and the contacts on the iPhone transferred to the new smartphone.

Photo and video

To transfer data from iPhone to Huawei related to photos and videos, you can use Google Photos, the Big G cloud storage service dedicated to multimedia files. Photo allows you to store photos and videos online without limits, provided that the images have a resolution of less than 16 megapixels and that the videos have been shot at a resolution equal to or less than FullHD (1920 × 1080 pixels).

All you need to do is to open the App Store, search for and install Google Photos and log in using the Google account credentials you already use on your Huawei phone. Then, open Google Photos, press the icon with the three horizontal lines at the top left and follow the path Settings > Backup and synchronization. In that section, make sure the feature is active.

Always from there, press on the folders of the device backed up and choose the photo albums you want to store on the cloud. At this point, you just have to activate the Wi-Fi and wait for the upload of photos and videos is completed.

In the meantime, open the Photos app on your Huawei smartphone (or install it, if it does not), access the Settings by pressing the icon with the three lines and choose the Backup and synchronization option. Here, make sure that the functionality is active: if so, the app will start to download the preview of the images, so that you can already view them on your new Android phone. Yes, even if they are always stored on Google’s servers.

Documents and various files

To transfer data from iPhone to Huawei related to documents and files, you can use any cloud storage service. Having to transfer files to an Android device, you can use Google Drive, but also Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive are great.

After installing the app and after logging in with the same credentials on both devices, you will have to choose the files and folders to transfer to the cloud. The transfer set it via Wi-Fi, of course (otherwise the internet data will disappear in a moment). In a matter of time (it depends on how many files you have in the old iPhone and how fast your internet connection is), you can consult all the files and documents on your new Huawei smartphone.

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