Transfer your Android apps from old smartphone to new quickly and easily

The apps make our Android device special but, you know, you can not use the same smartphone for forever. Once you have purchased a new device you need to find a quick and easy way to transfer the old Android app. In this article we will show you two different methods, both extremely easy, to transfer and share apps from one smartphone to another.

How to transfer and share apps via PC or Mac

If you want to transfer the apps from one Android device to another and you have a computer, no matter whether PC or Mac, you just have to do is download Wondershare, a complete software that allows you to transfer any type of content between two smartphones with just one click.

Prepare your smartphone, USB cables and the apps you want to transfer because the procedure is so fast that it could complete on its own without you even noticing it!

Connect the two devices to the PC/Mac using the supplied cable. Then open the Wondershare, select the Apps box and then click on Start Copy to start transferring applications between the two devices.

How to transfer and share apps without using a computer

Do not you have a computer at your fingertips? Did you lose the USB cable because of your mess? No problem, as always on Android there is an alternative solution, all within the reach of the app. The options offered by the Play Store are varied, but to facilitate your choice we have already selected one, perfect to share and transfer applications in a few taps: APK Extractor.

It is a completely free application and really easy to use. By opening it, you will immediately find the list of all the applications on your smartphone. At this point all you have to do is select all the apps you want to transfer and choose the option Share from the drop-down menu that will appear on the display. The program will transform the selected apps into apk format and will give you the possibility to transfer them with all the common methods of sharing, including email and Bluetooth, but also the various Cloud platforms.

APK Extractor, however, is not the only app dedicated to the purpose. You can also use other services, such as Send Anywhere (suggested by you users). If you have a Huawei or Honor device, there is also Phone Clone, an excellent solution to transfer apps and everything you want from the old to the new device; if you use a smartphone from other brands, you can use CLONEit.

Do you know an even easier and faster way to transfer and share Android apps? Let us know below in the comments!

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