What is the story of Kingdom Hearts 3 : Let’s find out

What is the story of Kingdom Hearts? Here is the complete summary of the plot, available in some official videos: spin-offs like Birth By Sleep included.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has arrived, thanks to the breaking of day one by some shopkeepers: the third installment of the saga is officially available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and many, also due to the countless number of titles, may be in difficulty with the story (being in need of a summary of the previous installments).

The Kingdom Hearts series, started in 2002 with the first chapter on PS2, has almost twenty years on its shoulders: from the second episode almost fourteen years have passed and the story has gone on and expanded through the numerous titles parallel to the main series: summarize the story, the links between the characters, the clues and the pawns in the Disney/Square Enix crossover is not easy.

For this reason, Square itself has decided to release, through the official Kingdom Hearts YouTube channel, a series of videos summarized useful to refresh the memory of the fans.

Kingdom Hearts: the complete summary

By accessing the official channel of the saga on YouTube you can find, in the playlist section, a series of videos called Kingdom Hearts 3 – Archive of memory, consisting of five films.

The contents in question provide an overview of all the main events of Kingdom Hearts, useful to get to the third chapter including all the implications of the plot. The characters and the story telling through the years will intersect the perfection in the new game, leading to the conclusion several stories still remained incomplete.

For those who have lost sight of some detail, the videos are useful and available with subtitles also (just click the settings wheel, then subtitles, to activate them), with a duration of about 3-5 minutes each. The episodes available are entitled: DeparturesMemoriesSunsetDawnDarkness.

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