VideoProc video converter for iPhone Giveaway : Win an iPhone XS Max & a free license

Even the latest generation of iPhone have some limitations in some ways unexplained: they can not play MKV files, AAC or FLV video with the latest generations of iOS. Specifically, we refer to the introduction of the HEVC video standard, which saves space on the storage of the device but at the same time is not compatible with older video players (such as the older versions of QuickTime, Photos, Final Cut Pro, Windows Media Player or Adobe software). In addition, videos in 4K at 60 fps of iPhone are not played smoothly or efficiently on some players, and among the limitations we also have the impossibility to play videos recorded with GoPro or other cameras on the iPhone and iPad.

The new VideoProc iPhone Converter by Digiarty, a historical software house in the field of video editing and encoding, meets all these needs.

VideoProc iPhone Converter is a simple, stable and fast software to process and post-produce video using three-level GPU acceleration. It can help the user both to make compatible videos that do not work on the iPhone, or to make iPhone videos compatible with any computer. It does not want to compete with professional software from the Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut X, or Vegas category and is not for professionals but to those who do not have an extremely fast computer and intend to exploit every little capacity of the same in the conversion of video streams. It guarantees support for all the most used formats and is specialized for the most difficult video, such as high resolution, long lasting or high frame rate (even up to 240 fps).

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The Digiarty tool can handle files from digital cameras and camcorders, iPhone and Android smartphones, action cameras of all kinds, drones, webcams, security video surveillance systems and even cameras built into cars, and convert them into formats which is better preferred without loss of quality. The application assists the user in every phase of the conversion, also giving the possibility to use tools for video editing, for compression, for download and for local recording.

Below are the main features of VideoProc iPhone Converter:

  • Convert iPhone HEVC/H.265 videos to make them compatible with all video players and editors.
  • It converts iPhone video parameters like frame rate, bit rate, resolution, to make playback on third-party video players smoothly (for example, it can convert 4K video from 60 fps to 30 fps), or to reduce disk size.
  • Convert iPhone videos to GIF.
  • In the same way it can convert MKV, FLV, AVI, and many other formats, to MP4 or MOV, so that they can be played on iPhone.
  • Convert music to AAC, MP3, AIFF, M4A, to be playable on iPhone.
  • Convert videos made with cameras, drones, GoPro to iPhone compatible formats with just one click.
  • Convert music to iPhone ringtone format.
  • Convert 3D video resources to 2D for playback on iPhone.

The user can also edit videos to upload them on social networks or on online sites or video-sharing platforms, modifying not only the final dimensions, but also the duration, the frame rate the resolution according to your needs. For example, you can convert a video from 4K resolution to HD for playback on a mobile device, and change bitrates and frame rates by trying to reduce the size of the storage space for playback, for example, on a smartphone. It is also very interesting to take advantage of what Digiarty calls 3-Level Hardware Acceleration.

While encoding to get the final file, the computer has to process pixel by pixel every frame of the recording. It is here that VideoProc offers its advantages, being able to exploit different technologies: among those compatible with the software we cite for example Intel Quick Sync VideoNVIDIA CUDA and NVENC, and the technologies integrated into the AMD chips. With the third-level hardware acceleration Digiarty allows you to use the GPU in all steps of editing procedures, and not: encoding, processing and decoding are all done via hardware. To do this we use third-party technologies that do not compromise the quality of the image but reduce (up to 47%) the processing time of the video. All this is finally combined with the capabilities of the software, which allows you to compress the videos by making a good balance between time spent, final quality and file size.

VideoProc iPhone Converter has 420 preset profiles specific to certain devices and an intuitive interface (some operations can be done with a single click). The software also supports the ability to download videos from YouTube and more than 1000 other services, edit, cut, “crop”, merge video, and add filters and subtitles, record from the computer screen and iPhone without the typical red upper bar of iOS, and convert all types of DVDs to a digital video format for playback on iPhone. All this is not only offered free of charge during the free trial period, but there is also the possibility of purchasing the VideoProc’s lifetime license with a 60% discount. In addition you can participate in the Giveaway that allows you to win several products, such as an iPhone XS Max, a Marshall Kilburn II, a Pixi Plus and a 1000-day license for VideoProc.

To participate, simply enter the e-mail address on the promotion page to win an iPhone XS Max and other prizes and, if you want to have more chances of winning, you must share the Giveaway page, download VideoProc, follow the team of the application on social networks and visit the official VideoProc website. The offer will end on February 20th.

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