Nintendo Switch 2 will have 3D : Everything you need to know

Nintendo Switch 2 will have 3D: a new patent filed by the house of Super Mario opens the doors, and the rumors, towards a version for three-dimensional games.

Nintendo Switch 2 could have 3D? This is the latest indiscretion that sees the protagonist of the big N console, home of the new generation of Super MarioPokémon and co.

Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly one of the most popular console in recent years: revolutionary, thanks to the portable mode, and rewarded by users with stellar sales. Many are curious about the future of the console, with rumors about the hypothetical second version that increase and intersect each other.

There are those who expect the arrival of a more updated model, with a slightly different design in line with what has been implemented in the past with Nintendo 2DS and 3DS, which have had more or less enhanced versions of the same software, and who a new platform completely redesigned. Here’s what we know about it.

Nintendo Switch 3D: check the patent

Recently, a patent, deposited by Nintendo, was discovered online, inherent to the 3D Stero-on-Switch technology, after the parenthesis of the Nintendo 3DS.

The previous portable console in fact allowed players to take advantage of a special technology that transformed, without the need for glasses, the titles played in three-dimensional games thanks to a special depth effect.

Nintendo 3DS had a noticeable sales success initially, but the enthusiasm for 3D technology died very early and the main software houses (including Nintendo itself) soon gave up the development of games aimed at exploiting this particular specification.

The patent that illustrates the use of 3D on the Nintendo Switch

The new patent still shows some interest from the big N for 3D technology, although the interest in this technology has been decreasing over the years: in the project, we can see the use of specific goggles (or a viewer), in the style of PlayStation VR) apparently connected to a camera (in this case above the TV screen).

The operation is very reminiscent of virtual reality games and the use of this special Nintendo Switch 3D always closely related to home use. The 3D function could be the central part of a new hybrid console model, or a specific accessory made to be integrated into the starting platform (opening the door to future new three-dimensional titles).

Nintendo has not commented on the rumor emerged, brandishing the hypothesis of a new version of Switch as untrue: the existence of a patent officially filed, as we know thanks to Apple, is not synonymous or guarantee of achievement, indeed. For more details it will seem to have to wait a little longer.

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