How to see and download old stories Instagram on smartphone gallary

Instagram stories are one of the most appreciated and used by users; they allow you to share the content with your followers that will disappear within 24 hours from the respective publication. In case you want to review your own story, but the 24 hours have already passed and then the latter has disappeared, do not be afraid: it is possible, thanks to some trick, to look at the old Instagram stories.


Instagram stories archive

Instagram, to prevent your stories from losing at the end of the 24 hours, has implemented a special section, called Archive; here all the stories you publish are saved and the interactive contents are also stored. The stories in the archive are only visible to the user; if the latter wanted to make them visible to his followers, it would suffice to highlight them in the profile.

NB: in order to use this function it must be active. If you do not know whether it is active or not, go to Settings, then to Story Options and scroll to the Save section. Here, under Save in Archive, if not active, tap to activate it.

To enter the Instagram stories archive, the procedure to follow is extremely simple:

  • go to your Instagram profile;
  • press the clock icon on the top right.

Once inside, you can review all your stories published up to that moment. Here you can choose whether to highlight all or a selection of stories by simply pressing on them and tapping on the Highlight button.

Smartphone gallery

Another way to see old stories on Instagram is to save the content published as stories, both photos and videos, in the gallery of the smartphone, Android or Apple.

To activate the save function in the gallery, the procedure to follow is really simple:

  • go to Settings;
  • find the section Privacy and security, then press on Options related to stories;
  • scroll until you find the Save to Gallery;
  • to activate it, tap the corresponding button.

This way the stories you publish will be automatically saved in the smartphone gallery.

Download Instagram stories

If you are interested in seeing old Instagram stories published by other users, there are two methods; the first is, if the user loads them, to see the Stories in evidence or save their stories, completely anonymously, on a PC or smartphone.

As for the latter, these are simple operations, which can be implemented from smartphones, by downloading special free apps like Story Reposter for Instagram for iOS and Story Saver for Instagram for Android or, from a PC, using certain websites like storiesIG or free extensions for browsers like Chrome IG Stories.

Finally, we remind you that you can download old Instagram stories of other users only if these are public users, so users added to the list of close friends are not among them because they are marked as private.

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